Thursday, September 26, 2013

Open Call for Testers for My Newest Creation

What Time is it?!


If you creep my instagram then you may know that I started and also finished (CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!) a new crochet project this past week, despite having been swamped with schoolwork from my least favorite class I have taken these last almost two years, but that's for another post altogether, ugh...

Watching The Big Bang Theory really got me in the Geeky Mood to make Finn

Anywho, I don't know if you remember from my Halloween costume post last year, but we are big dorky fans of Adventure Time here at our house, and we thusly dressed the kids as Finn and Jake.

"Adventure in Ooo"  Adventure Time Halloween Costumes for Kids

Well I decided after considering it for quite some time that I was going to dive in and make my own Finn the Human.  Adventure Size.

Finn is taller thn Grace! and she's a tall 3 year-old!

This was SO. MUCH. FUN! I had such a blast designing this and writing the pattern and even though I will probably change just a couple things I am so proud of the job I did on this!  (Yes, I am indeed tooting my own horn)
The kids had so much fun playing with Finn.
Tristan started drassing him up in costumes and
Grace was wrestling him.
We took Finn to visit "Bandad" and they chilled out in the recliner together

Now the question I have for you is, who would be interested in this pattern for an oversized super awesome Finn? I'm considering having a couple people test the pattern and then maybe putting it on Ravelry, what do y'all think?

Who would like to be a tester?  

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wise Words Wednesday # 14

This is a very valuable life lesson.  This is not to say that one should never depend on others, just that no one has your best interest at heart more than, you guessed it, YOU!  

When I was younger I was what I like to call a chameleon.  I just morphed into whoever I spent the most time with.  I took on habits I didn't actually like, I pretended to like music that I actually didn't and I pretended to like people I actually didn't like.  Just to blend in.  I like to think, in my own defense, that everyone has their "chameleon stage".  I consider my Chameleon stage to have been a HUGE waste of time in my life.  Instead of figuring out what I liked and what I was into I just adopted all my character traits from others and it delayed me figuring out who I really was.  What a waste.  

I love this quote because we all need to realize that WE know best for OURSELVES better than anyone, and if you follow along with someone else's plan, it will NEVER be tailored to you the way that your own would.

Suggest a quote for Wise Words Wednesday in the comments below!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

My First Blogiversary Giveaway!

It's The Sepia Puppy's Anniversary!  Whoop-whoop!!  Let's start this party with a little bit of obnoxious!  

Now it's time for the good stuff!

Meet Our Giveaway Sponsors

We'll start with the Anniversary Girl:

Hello Sweetie Lovelies!  My name is Bethany from The Sepia Puppy and I'm celebrating my 1st Blogiversary!  I am a Wife, Mother of two, Full-time Student & Part-time Blogger.  I love photography, art and all things crafty & DIY. I am working towards my B.S. in Psychology & Christian Counselling.  I am smitten with my husband more everyday and my kids keep me laughing daily.
I'm Bre from Peacoats and Plaid. I'm what you might refer to as a "die-hard creator". Stay at home mommy by day and a dance teacher by night. Throw in a little diy/crafting here and there and that's me in a nutshell.
 My name is Allison and "Okay, Allison" is my little blog about my little life. I say whatever is on my mind at the time, lacking pretty much any filter for what is deemed appropriate.  I seem to observe humanity from a perspective that a lot of people are thinking, but would never speak aloud, or for god’s sake- write down.  I love other funny girls who like to eat and take naps with puppies.   I love art, music, crafting, and of course, writing.  Everything I say in my blog comes from the heart, the stories are all true because I've lived them.  If you like to laugh and smile, read on.
SweetDappity: Two ladies making buttons. Fahmida does the designing, Julia does the businessing - together they are the magical dual guardians of this here button emporium. You are welcome to spend your money here - or not, we don't know your life

Jamie's husband surprised her with a logo and business plan for their company Saturday Morning Pancakes and the rest is History!  They make some of the coolest and funniest products and have even been featured on Good Morning America!  They have a little girl together and are based out of San Clemente, California.  

My name is Mrs. Victoria Aguila and I am from Los Angeles, CA and I blog over at Life as Mrs. Aguila (Faith, Hope and Treasures), about life as a Daughter of Thee King, being married to Mr. Aguila, and about being a Shoe Collector, a Makeup Junkie, a Shopping Addict and a Coffee Lover.  I work full time plus have an AVON/MARK side business.

Kaz Palladino is an illustrator currently living in San Francisco. She is addicted to adorable, geeky and weird things - which is how Awkward Affections was born. Awkward Affections is about evasive love, nerdy sentiment, and fun cultural niche. The goal is to help keep beauty, nostalgia and happiness in everyday life!
Julie is the redhead that blogs at Redhead Can Decorate.  Julie is from Buffalo, NY and is married to Rick, her college sweetheart, and they are blessed with two girls Daphne 13, & Valerie 11.  Julie's passion is cooking and decorating their home with innovative, creative, DIY ideas.  She shares all of it on her blog.
My name is Tara, I'm from Easy Makes Me Happy.  I'm a wife and a mother of four. I grew up in Alaska (the beautiful and the cold) and I'm pretty sure this is where my family will grow up too.  I love to crochet, design, and craft. I absolutely LOVE being able to share everything with you via this blog, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! 

Behind every chocolate chip cookie and every sprinkled cupcake on this blog is a burgeoning photographer, an emerging entrepreneur, an experimental baker, and a social networker. I’m Ashton, the face behind Something Swanky! And I believe in doing what you love and loving what you do.
 Hello! I am Kathe, with an e. I began blogging as a creative outlet. I was born in Washington state and moved with my family to Colorado as a teen.  I married, had two sons, divorced and worked my butt off to make sure my boys had everything they needed.  Then, I met Mr. B, He is the reason and cause of my laugh lines. Bottom line, I am a woman of a certain age that is still trying to find herself after raising two sons and finding my own true love later in life. Someday I may figure out what I want to be when I grow up! Until then, let's have some fun!

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Friday, September 13, 2013

Our First Friday Coffee Date!

So after seeing Chelsea from Sunny with a Chance of Sprinkles do these little Friday coffee date vlogs I thought I just had to get in on it. I stay  wanting to do vlogs, but I never know what to talk about! I emailed her and asked if it would be okay and apparently this is a much bigger thing than I once thought!  TONS of folks do these and I think it's just plain adorable!

So here is our first Coffee Date.  (Hopefully the first of many!)
And let me go ahead and apologize for all the hair flipping I do in this video...

Bikini Body Mommy Challenge:

My Instagram:

Pumpkin Spice Frappuccino recipe:

The water bottle holder pattern:

My Avocado Ranch Dip:

BTW, How awesome is Smallville?! You can buy the whole series on Amazon

 (I haven't finished the series, so please no spoilers!) This has been a saving grace for me since we ditched the dish

Are you also a chips & dip freak?

Is your daughter/son also a super copy cat?

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Wise Words Wednesday #12

Einstein, as we all know, was a truly brilliant man, and as we can see here from this quote, not just in the Physics arena.  I think that a lot of times we get these things out of order and a little twisted. If we go on in our lives making the same mistakes over and over, not only are we wasting good sense and time, but we are also not using our most valuable resource, our own choices and memories.  We are our own personal history book.  If you don't learn from your past, you are doomed to repeat it, plain and simple.  Next, there are too many people who don't use the present as they should, they spend it either dwelling on the past, or focusing too much on the future, or what we wish we had.  This is a damnable offense, in that the only time we can live in is the present.  Focusing too much on what we want in the future is different than hoping for it, hoping for the future means staying positive and planning ahead, making choices today that will help you tomorrow, that's the key.

We should never stop questioning and evaluating ourselves and those around us, what we believe, what we trust.  Never be just a sheep, look for answers to your questions, don't take anything at face value, examine it!  An inquisitive mind is a useful one!   

Do you like Wise Words Wednesdays?
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wise Words Wednesday #11

I used to be a pretty angry person.  My dad told me a long time ago that when you stay mad and hold grudges, you're really only hurting yourself.   Well of course when I was younger I thought that was just plain stupid.  how is it hurting ME?!  I didn't do anything wrong!  Well, It took me years to finally figure out what he was talking about.

When you hold grudges against people and don't forgive, you dwell and when you dwell you just get more angry at how you can't let it go and then it starts the whole cycle over again, and then you end up projecting your anger and mistrust on other people who may not have ever done anything to hurt you, then you end up blaming them for why y'all couldn't be friends and then the whole huge stupid cycle begins again.

Forgiveness is not for the weak.  Sometimes we have to really sit down an evaluate why we are withholding our forgiveness.  This is not always an easy task.  It's hard to turn the microscope on oneself and say, "hey what's wrong with you!?"  but it is ALWAYS a learning experience when you are able to.

Forgiveness doesn't make what someone did to you all right.  It doesn't take away the hurt, and it doesn't make them a better person.  But it does make YOU a better person.  I have found that when I forgive someone it flips a switch inside of me, and I can feel the tension rise up off of me, like a weight off of my heart.  It is a true testament to one's character who can truly be forgiving.

Do you Like Wise Words Wednesday?
I am open to Suggestions for quotes,
So please, drop one in the comments below!  

Monday, September 2, 2013

Homemade Restaurant Style Fried Calamari

I'm gonna teach you to get Restaurant quality Calamari in the comfort of your home!

Even from the time I was a kid I have always LOVED calamari.  It was my favorite thing to get when we would eat out at Italian places.  If it's done right, it is just oh, so good!

Hover over this image to pin it!

Last year I saw that in the freezer section at my grocery store they have frozen raw calamari, I was shocked!  You see, since we live in such a rural area, they don't carry some of the fancier or odder things because there just isn't a market for it.  Anyway, I decided to be bold and buy it and I took it home and cooked it up and holy smokes, it was so easy and sooooo good.  We went through it so fast it was ridiculous! Ever since then I have been wanting to make it again and do a post about it.

Well, I forgot about it.....

 I try to always add something new when we have leftovers, to make if feel a little less redundant.  So, Monday evening I was looking through the fridge and freezer trying to come up with something for to go with leftover spaghetti when I happened upon a package of frozen raw calamari and thought, YUP!  What a perfect combination!


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