Thursday, March 14, 2013

How Much of This Did YOU Already Know?

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My regular readers may already know that I go to school full-time on top of taking care of the house, the kids and being as crafty as spare time will allow.

This week however has been my spring break.
The time off is always so exciting and awesome, no matter how short lived or jam packed it is.

And somehow at the end of it I am always so eager to get back to work 
and frankly, a little confused about how I ever filled my days before schoolwork and studying was a factor....

Anywho, This spring break has so far been pretty eventful.
My hubs took me and the kids to P. F. Chang's for dinner on thursday and it was completely awesome.
me and my Bunny @ P. F. Chang's

Then we went to my next favorite place, TARGET!
(you have to say it the way Kristen Wiig used to as the Target lady on SNL)

I finally got some new lampshades to take the place of the kinda bunk old ones I upcycled
So that was good, and the lighting in the bedroom is much nicer and softer looking now.
(could this be any more boring??)

Moving on
Over the weekend I cleaned out my side of the closet and got a few boxes of stuff out that I'm gonna put in my garage sale (someday, if I ever get around to it)

I also got my soda crate upcycled
Click here to see the post all about it

We went to my hometown on Tuesday (it's about 2.5 hours drive away)
We got to see my super awesome Grandmother, which is always adorable and fantastic.

Then we went and got some lunch and headed to the most exciting stop of the day...
Me and +Lisa Gullion FINALLY got to meet for the first time since High School!!  
That's been nearly 10 years ago!  wow!

My husband had fun terrorizing her little girl, and scaring the bejeebers out of her,
Just kidding
But she did NOT know what to make of him, lol

Her son got mad at me for calling him "Bro" and couldn't understand why I would call Grace "Bunny" when that's not her name.  
I thought my Son was all business, but alas, Kai has become the new "Business" 
so funny!

But we had a great time hanging out and on top of all that I also scored big on her need to yarn-purge!  
I got a whole garbage bag full of new goodies!
Can't wait to go through it and make something new!
You can never have enough yarn.
I don't care what your/my husband says!

Yesterday I had to get over to Walmart and pick up some yarn 
(you may be asking, "really, after a whole garbage bag full??"  the answer is yes)
I have been working on an awesome project commissioned by my sweet new friend +Allison Kennedy 
Check out her blog, Okay, Allison! 
She is full of love and style and awesomeness, you won't be disappointed!

Anywho, She loves foxes and asked if I would make her a fox scarf!
I of course was all to eager to work on it for her over my break
And I just finished it this morning:

Today I've been goofing off with some new yarn 
(even though I know there are a ton of other things I should be doing)
I'm thinkin' I'll use it for a throw or something
It's really soft and fuzzy and variegated
{I'm a sucker for variegated yarn}

Tonight we are hosting my dad and step-mom for dinner and cake to celebrate their birthdays!
So I have a lot of cooking to get done before dinner
And I've got to get a run in sometime.

Oh, and speaking of Running!
I hit the 50 Mile mark on my FitBit over the weekend!  
Woot Woot!

Also we are only 23 days from our Tough Mudder!  
I am getting nervous and excited!

Alright my Darlin's
That's all for now
Love you much!

tl;dr translation:
I have done a bunch of stuff this week
it was all awesome

As I am sure you have heard GFC is going away!
So please take a minute to follow through Bloglovin' so you don't miss a thing! 


Lisa Gullion said...

FINALLY!!!! I loved seeing you and your hubs + babes. Can't wait till next time, I already miss you guys! We will come to you soon I hope!!

<3 U B

Mekenzie @ said...

I <3 you!

And I <3 the Target skit!

Allison Kennedy said...

I adore you!!!


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