Monday, March 4, 2013

Triple Heart Tuesday Link Party #5

It has been a crazy {and not in the good fun way} week here at my house
hence the SERIOUS lack of motivation on my part to blog anything at all.

I got the flu this week.... yuck...
and then right after I got over it, my husband got it.  
of course!  
So I spent all my week feeling bad, and then taking care of the hubby feeling bad
and all the while trying to keep the kids healthy.
It's a miracle they haven't turned orange from all the vitamin C I've been pumping into them!

On top of all of the sickness I am rapidly approaching my spring break
so I have been knee deep in text books and study guides.

I have {as usual} WAY too much planned for my teeny tiny measly week off
not the least of which is to spring clean, clear out the ENTIRE house of things we want to get rid of
organize and then host a yard sale. 

It's gonna be a busy busy week
But enough of all that!  

This week's features are:

Then Forgetful Momma tried to kill my diet with this amazing recipe for Sticky Finger Squares

For those of you who either are or deeply love the Irish 

As usual y'all linked up some awesomeness
Let's do it again this week!
aaaaaaaand GO!


2 comments: said...

Thanks for hosting! I am thinking about starting a link party too, so if I do, I hope you will come over and share with me! I added your button to my link party page, too! said...

Thanks so much for featuring my play dough! You made my night. I don't have anything new to link this week (trying to plant my garden), but I snagged a button.


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