Thursday, April 25, 2013

My Introduction Vlog

So after being inspired MONTHS ago by one of my favorite bloggers,
 (Bre from Peacoats & Plaid) I have FINALLY gotten around to posting the vlog I made a couple weeks ago.  

It's short and sweet with just a little bit of info about me and a lot of distractions and interruptions throughout.

This however is how basically every moment of my life at home goes, so I left it in to keep it authentic.  
I honestly don't know how I get anything done....


Have some suggestions or questions for my next vlog?  
Drop them in the comments below!  


Lisa Gullion said...

I literally smiled through the whole thing!! I loved it. Lily was saying "Bye!!"

BreAnna Paulson said...

Yay Bethany! Great job "talking to your computer" hehe She is incredibly adorable. Seriously. Btw, I gave you a little shout out in my vlog from Tuesday :)

Bethany Kline said...

Thank you! She brightens my days for sure! I am working on a "ridiculous/cute things Bunny say" Montage vlog. it's just too much!

Bethany Kline said...

adorable! Smooch Lily for me! I still wanna just eat her up!


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