Thursday, April 11, 2013

Tough Mudder GA 2013

So, The day finally came last Saturday 
We had been preparing ourselves for it since November and it was finally here
"probably the toughest even on the planet"
I found that I wasn't as nervous as I expected when we arrived.  
I was actually like CRAZY pumped for it!

The week before the mudder we were running and I just had a break down, my form wasn't good, and I couldn't find a groove and I was feeling really fat and basically all the negativity was mounting and I was subconsciously trying to convince myself I couldn't do it.  
That  sucked...

But when the day finally came, I was super stoked, surprisingly calm and ready to run, jump, climb, crawl, and any other mysterious tasks we may have to get through.
getting ready to go and get our bibs
unfortunately these safety pins ended up tearing my jacket.  :-(
My dad came along to take pictures and cheer us on.
He was awesome (as usual)  and was just as excited as we were to be there
here we are with my dad walking around checking the place out
and the pics he took turned out great
We put the Zoom Lens my man got me for Christmas to great use
my dad asked us to pose for pictures so of course we started acting like goofs
The Tough Mudder was 11 miles long and consisted of 21 obstacles
I have never walked 11 miles in a day let alone run them.
through the mud.
with crazy obstacles in between.

The obstacles were great though and they really broke up the running to the point where after you finished one your adrenaline would be moving again and you somehow found the strength to run more.
feeling very cold in this pic
I think most of all I was looking forward to the child-like excitement of getting completely filthy dirty and not caring.
I was hard at first to turn off the mommy inside me that said 
"Eek, the laundry!  I hope my washing machine can survive all this mud!"
but I quickly got over that after the first obstacle ("Kiss of Mud") where we had to belly crawl through thick mud under barbed wire....
yep.  I was over it. Let's get disgusting!
"Mud Mile"

I have never seen so much mud in my life 
and I live in Georgia!  which is basically the mud capital of the friggin world.
We had to drag our bodies, crawl, run, walk, jump, and climb in the mud.

"Fire Walker"

"Island Hopping"

We got the bejeebers shocked out of us a few times throughout the day...
both in "Electric Eel" (unpictured) and "Electroshock Therapy"
probably my favorite photo of the day
we locked arms and made a run for it
this is the very last obstacle and it's like 30 ft from the finish, at this point  I didn't care how much it hurt!

I had three very proud moments throughout the 4 hours it took to complete the Mudder

Number one:  I WENT FOR IT on the "Arctic Enema"  I jumped straight in, no hesitation. Booya

I could hardly move it was so shocking and freezing cold

trudging through ice water, yikes.  My face tells the whole story here

couldn't make my legs work on their own

Number two:  I made it up "Everest" I failed the first 2 tries, but the third time was a charm.  I have no shame in saying that I cried like a baby when I made it to the top.
this is the last time I tried, I was mentally preparing myself

this guy helped Elliott get me up

yup, that's me crying

& Number three:  I finished.  I didn't give up, and I kept moving the entire time.  Again, no shame in saying that I cried like a baby when they put my headband on me at the finish line.  

yup, crying more

We got the headbands, awesome Under Armour t-shirts,

 a Clif protein bar 

(crazy delicious by the way) 
and a Dos Equis at the finish.
And let me just say, a beer has never tasted so good to me in my entire life.

We got changed after hosing off and we bought my dad a t-shirt from the gear tent
He was so proud of us, and is still telling us constantly.
It was so awesome to have him there for the moral support.

He's def getting dragged with us again next year
(which I am already prepping for)

I got some SERIOUS bruises from all of this too
If you follow me on instagram then you have already seen my extensive leg bruising

Which is now turning lovely shades of green yellow and purple.
I've got more on my arms and stuff, but the ones on my leg are the worst by far.  
I could honestly care less though, 
It means that I did something awesome, and frankly, I'll be sad to see them go.  

The best thing about the entire event was spending it with my husband.
I was so proud of him, and really impressed with how well he did on everything.

he made it all the way across

"Funky Monkey"

he got up the first try without help
he jumped off of "Walk the Plank" (I wimped out, I didn't realize I was so afraid of heights)

It is so important to both of us to have adventures together, and this was for sure a great adventure
I love him to the moon and back...

after he walked the plank

I really want to encourage all of you to sign up for this event.
This is such a great way to get inspired and find out what you are truly made of.  
It's not a race, it's not timed. It's all about challenging yourself, and seeing what you can do when you feel like you can't possibly do anymore.

An amazing thing about the Tough Mudder is the diversity of the people there and also the camaraderie.
There are all different shapes, sizes, fitness levels, nationalities, etc.  and everyone wants to help you.  
take a team or find one when you get there.
Challenge yourself, and DO THIS!
Find an Event near you Right Here!

obstacles unpictured here:
Wounded Warrior Carry
Pirate's Booty
Glory Blades
King of the Mountain


Mekenzie @ said...

I am seriously SO proud of you. You are so hardcore. You worked your butt off, and you deserve to be recognized for it. You should feel proud.

Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

Aww, how cute! Congrats on finishing and you have inspired me to sign up for one (as soon as I find a partner)!

Sparkles and Shoes

Eva Taylor said...

Way to go! Looks fun getting in the mud and not caring...however, I'm pretty sure I would die! Ha! My husband is training for the one in Chicago in October, though. I think I'll just cheer him on :) Maybe some day! Glad I found your blog at the Peacoats and Plaid hop!
Eva @ Snappee Turtle

Bethany Kline said...

This looks incredible! I am so in awe of you for doing this. I didn't even know these events existed. It looks like the atmosphere must be really wonderful for challenging yourself with all the teaming up and helping I can see in these photos.

Bethany Kline said...

This really was incredible. It's almost indescribable how intense and rewarding this experience was. we are already planning for next year! Oorah!

Bethany Kline said...

Cmon! if I could do it I KNOW you could! and that's the whole thing, Challenging yourself!

I'm glad you found me too! now go sign up!

Bethany Kline said...

Do it girl! You def won't regret it!

Bethany Kline said...

Thank you my love! I do feel proud girl! like whoa! ;-)


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