Friday, May 3, 2013

A Walk in the Park... or Rather a Run and a Picnic

This past Saturday we went to Hamburg State Park in Warthen, GA to just spend the day and have a picnic.
We had such a good time, as usual.
You may remember we made a similar trip in September, if not here's the post  and you can see the pictures and how much has changed in the last 6 or so months.

This was an awesome day:
This is for my dad, who insisted I find a better pic of him to put on the blog.

My sweety Bunny ready to "swing" which apparently means play on the playground in any way at all
I braided her hair so that she could look cute and also have her hair out of her face for the day.
I wish I could braid my own hair this well
special days call for special treats.  
Tristan being a little goofball
My man and his other "little" girl
She's so rotten thanks to this man
She went down that slide probably a hundred times
at which point she would jump off the end.  Love this action shot
Running down to the lake to see what the boys are up to
She's such a little ham.  
Maggie and Elliott also love going down the slide
the balancing act.  Maggie was uber impressed
plucked somebody's lost lure off one of the furthest branches
nothing was biting
Tristan always asks my dad to go fishing.  on this day he found himself standing in a big ol' ant pile 
I try to take the gratuitous/stereotypical foot shot while balancing on the down tree and this is what Elliott does.
another little fisherman in the making.  She took to it so fast.  Bandad was so proud!
Bunny made a friend!  her name was Emily.  She's five. 
Tristan finding ammunition for the men-folk to skip across the lake.
kill of the mountain!  or downed tree... whatevs
Daddy and his furry girl
I asked him to take pictures of me... so he tooks ridiculous ones and made me laugh, and dad too.
lol, I know this is a horrible pic for some serious double chin action, but I still love it.
drawing on Dad's back with dirt clods.  lol.  We're country-folk!
My sweet Maggie moo.  She sits so weird
I never have to worry about bringing entertainment for the kids, because Cookie (Linda) is always on top of it.  
My sweet boy posing for me
trekking under the bridge
Bandad and his sweet Gracie.  She's jumping  in this pic!  again with the action shots!  I was on a roll!
Two of my favorite men.  
We had such an awesome time!  
Just ate some PBJ's and chips and fruit and hung out all afternoon.
I almost got bored just hanging out in the peace and quiet and then I reminded myself of all the times I wish I had nothing to do and then I just reveled in it! 
It was perfect out.  warm but breezy.
Elliott and I got to go for a run (hence our attire) and made really great time.

All-in-all it was a fantastic day!


Bethany Kline said...

where do I start with how much love I have for these pics. your kids are always the cutest little boogers. I love the one of your feet on the tree and Elliot's hands. Your dad in the last pic stands just like my and he has the same boots :-)

Bethany Kline said...

You are precious. I know that not many people care to sift through a random assortment of photographs of people they don't know, but I love being able to share this moments with anyone who might (always you! <3). We had such a good time this day and that one of my feet and Elliott's hands is my fave definitely, lol. He can be such a turd, but Lord knows I love him to bits!

Bethany Kline said...

i'll take pictures of random people if the shot is a great not in a creepy way but I appreciate happiness from people. So I love looking at photos of anyone really... but your family is just to awesome not to enjoy.

Bethany Kline said...

Thank you for sharing your family day with us. What a lovely pictorial. I agree about the braids I could always do a friends but mine always turned out lopsided. Found you via the The Bloglovin' Collective.

Barbara @

Bethany Kline said...

I just want to wear braids myself darnit!! Thanks for visiting!


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