Friday, June 21, 2013

G2D2 -- DOES NOT COMPUTE! Kids Robot Costume

During the School year Tristan (my eight year-old) goes to Choir after school every Wednesday at the local Methodist church
I love it.  He learns awesome stuff and he gets to sing and dance and be creative.

Well every year at the end of each semester of school they have a big performance
And this spring was the first time Tristan ever had more that 1 line and we were so excited

They said he wanted to try out for the part because it was a robot character (G2D2, hilarious!) and he is so good at robot voices that they said it was just a given that he should get the part because he did so well in his audition.

He studied a lot and we ran lines with him too to makes sure that he did a great job and got it all right
He needed an AWESOME costume to go with, So I happily obliged.
My husband just bought a new shopvac and the box was just perfect for this costume!

We found another little shipping box for the head and spray painted it silver as well to act as the head/helmet
I went to the store and picked up some dryer vent tubing to the robot arms

We cut out arms holes and a head hole
and also cut a hole out of the little box for his face to show through

So far so good!
 I took out my acrylic paints and we got to work planning a design

Tristan came up with some good ideas for decorating the box including this caution symbol.
We made it look like this was a panel that was riveted on
We did a similar thing on the other side only with a USB symbol

I printed off a picture of R2D2 from Star Wars and used that as a basis for the front of the box
and The stuff on the front of the helmet was all Tristan, particularly the "ON" button 

He did so awesome and everyone had wonderful things to say about not only his performance but also his costume.

We had him just wear a black long sleeve shirt and some black pants underneath

 If you ask me he had the most awesome costume of everyone in the play, but ya know
I'm a little partial.  

It was so comical when he had to sit down because of the size of the box it would ride up.  
it was so cute

So, Anywho
That's how I made a little robot costume for Tristan's play!

Grace really wanted to get in on the action after the play so she went over and snatched up a microphone and got up on the little stands proceeded to sing and dance around.

It won't be long before she's stealing the show at choir too!


Bethany Kline said...

Aww, you're so sweet! I'll teach you everything I know. Think we can fit it all into one day in august?? lol

Bethany Kline said...

Thank you! I have a video of it I need to upload and post here, it's too funny watching him dance in this costume!


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