Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Photo Regrets vs. Just Living It

Some of you may have already read in this post that my husband got a new job.  
We are SUPER excited and ready for this next big step in our lives.  

Well, when we found out that the he had 6 whole days off in a row we decided we were gonna try to have a mini vacay, mostly because with a new job comes a probationary period and no more stocked up vacation days and whatnot and not only that, the new job is an hour and a half from where we live now, a mere 12 miles from my dad and step-mom's front door (Or "Cookie" and "Bandad" as they are called here)

So we thought we should absolutely take advantage of this awesome opportunity while we had it and had no idea when we would have another chance.

We had talked a lot about going snorkeling in the keys and with six whole days we could totes get down to Key Largo and snorkel it up to our hearts content! 
Well....  That my sweet friends did not work out.
We were insanely bummed.
His boss informed him that even though he was scheduled to be off those 6 straight days that he had to come in on Saturday to work a festival in town, right in the MIDDLE of the formerly awesome off days.
My super handsome man, driving me to the beach

Well, we didn't completely cancel the plans, we just shorten them and our trip.
Savannah, GA is only a short 2 hour drive from where we live, so we settled for the loveliness of Historic Savannah and some beach time in Tybee Island.  
The marshes on the way to Tybee

Now, you may be wondering where this post is going based on the title.
Don't worry, I'm getting there.

We packed everything we needed and set out on our adventure. Of course I packed my camera for the trip as well as the kitchen sink (Wocka wocka wocka)
when we got to Tybee and checked in to our hotel we went and walked the beach, got some drinks 
(at Wet Willie's and Fannies on the Beach, The owner of which owns the grandfather of our dog Maggie!), had dinner and so on.
I left my camera in the room.

The next day we went to an amazing breakfast place (Sunrise, an awesome dive)
shopped a little,
laid on the beach for a few hours.
Walked the pier, as we love to do every time we go there.
I left my camera in the room.

That night we went to Savannah and had dinner (Pizza at Vinnie Van GoGo's yum!) another super high rated dive of a place.  
We stayed at the Hyatt and it was sooooo nice!  We were on the top floor with a river view room.
And when I say river view, I am serious.  This was the view straight down from our window: 
The only thing between the hotel and the river is a sidewalk.

We walked around town
Shopped some more (24e.  Oh my gosh, THE coolest place!)
Nommed some delicious ice cream
Looked at statues and read about historic Savannah
had more drinks
looked at tchotchkeys in little shops on River Street
I left my camera in the room.

We turned in a little early that night, like the couple of fuddy-duddies that we are, but that didn't bother us.  We are genuinely just happy to be together every chance we get. 
We're best friends. 

We slept with the curtains open that night, an irregularity for us, mostly because of the HUGE and I mean like freaking ridiculous HUMONGUS cargo ships would trudge by and you could see their lights blinking and hear the slow whirring hum, it was so cool.  And spending that much for a room with a view I wanted to get as much as I could out of it.  
the bridge and some ships
one of the ENORMOUS cargo ships.  just for scale purposes, I'll have you know that those crates on the ship are the ones that 18 wheelers haul... so yeah.  
That really wasn't eve one of the bigger ships.  It was really awesome to read  on the ships where they came from too.  There were some from Japan, and Germany that we saw.  Crazy to think that they came all the way to Savannah.
like so many things, photos don't do anything here justice.  The river is just huge, and the ships are enormous and the bridge is really big and really tall.  I mean just wow.
another Hotel across the street, and the River boat getting ready to board folks
There's no where near as much stuff on the opposite side of the river.
throughout the night I would wake up for a moment to see a ship passing and it was just so amazingly cool.
I didn't even mind that the sun woke us up early.  just got to see more of the beauty from the giant window.

The next morning we walked to a really amazingly reviewed cafe called Goose Feathers and I ate the best breakfast of my life.

hands down.
Like... Whoa.
We walked around town some more and enjoyed the cooler morning air.
I left my camera in the room.

Sometimes I really hate when I don't take pictures.
I mean I just sit around and kick myself about it after the fact.
And then I remind myself in cases like this, our little romantic vacay, that in not taking pictures I am just living in those moments.
Its like when my husband and I got married, it was just us.  no cameras, no pictures taken, nothing. 

Just us.

And sometimes, that really is the best way to remember a moment.  
Looking through the Lenses that God gave you instead of the one you paid for.
It's something that will always be just ours. 
And I can live with that. 

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Bethany Kline said...

I'm glad you had a great time. I understand all about not taking pictures sometimes. I only took 2 pictures mine and Aaron's whole honeymoon. But I have every detail memorized. Sometimes you just don't need a camera. I'm really excited for your new adventure :)


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