Sunday, June 23, 2013

Why I think Bloglovin' is Bitchin'

As most all of you know
(And are more than likely SUPER sick of hearing about)
GFC and Google Reader are gonna be bye-bye soon

When I found this out a couple months ago, I was pretty miffed.
I worked my buns off acquiring new friends through GFC and I was proud of the number of readers I had gotten
Only to feel the crushing blow of Google's bad news.  

I instantly went on the search for new ways to follow my favorite blogs 
(see the sidebar for just a few)
and also what was the hottest choice among "followers" or as I have lovingly deemed you My Darlin's

I found Bloglovin' and was instantly hooked.  
I have been using bloglovin' solely since Google's betrayal and let me just say, I didn't even realize how unhappy I was with Google Reader in the first place until I witnessed the sheer awesomeness and ease of use of Bloglovin' first hand.

So, Now I have a new love.

Bloglovin' has some really awesome features and it seems like they are always trying to stay ahead of the curve and keep it fresh and new.
I especially like the bright open and easy way that they display blog posts
Google reader always felt so closed off and impersonal in the way they presented posts.

Bloglovin' also displays larger pictures
You can look through your feed one blog at a time or chronologically across all the blogs you follow
They have a really cool app for your browser that keeps a running count of how many posts you have waiting to be read, which I think, (at least in my case) keeps me on track better with all the blogs I read

They have a bunch of Follow buttons and offer insights in the form of a graph on how your readers have changed (+/-)

I honest to goodness have no idea how I ever got along without bloglovin'!
I say ALL of that to say this:

Google Reader's day in the sun is over, and if you would like to continue keeping up with the Pup
Then please join me over at bloglovin' and follow my blog by clicking this link

If you want to know more in depth and technical details about Bloglovin' I HIGHLY suggest you check out this blog post from Nutritionella 
It includes a bunch of cool little factoids about Bloglovin' and teaches you how to export your blogs from poopy-ol' Google Reader so you don't miss a beat from any of your favorites!

Need a little coaxing to keep The Sepia Puppy on your feed?
There's a lot on the horizon over here at the pup including:
-some new NON-obnoxious weekly posts 
-I've been working on updating more regularly 
-I am doing a redesign (a little bit at a time) that I think is awesome
-I'm putting together what should be a super awesome giveaway
-and last but not least I'll be starting a blog hop soon!


Bethany Kline said...

I totally agree!! Stopping by from the blog hop, love the post!

Bethany Kline said...

Thank you!

Bethany Kline said...

hahahaha Change stinks! I can't like, at first I was like ugh! with bloglovin' because it was different, but once I figured it I realized how much more awesome it was, and then it was all good. :-)


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