Thursday, August 15, 2013

Checking Up

Rainy day here in GA 
Well, I know apart from Wise words posts, I haven't really posted in a little while.  It's been a little stressful and busy around here.  We are house hunting and the like and that can be very irritating at times.  We found our perfect place, but there are other complications around it that are out of our control.  We are ready to go on it but we can't yet because of other people.  I hate feeling like I don't have any control!

Me and my Bunny-girl hanging out
Also I am only a day from the end of summer semester so I have been busy tying up loose ends on that front and getting everything done.  I just finished my final for the VERY LAST math class I ever have to take and made a 95%!  holy moly!!  This math class was actually kind of awesome, and I can hardly believe I am saying this!  It was just cool because it was mostly statistics and really applicable stuff, like calculating interest and mortgages and whatnot, so it's really useful.  Now that math is done (FOREVER!!  have I emphasized that enough??) I have just one more thing to do for my other class, conversational German, and then I'm done.....

Until Monday that is.  Monday marks the start of the Fall semester!  As much as I would like to have a little more time off before starting new classes I just keep reminding myself that there's fall break and then christmas break on the horizon, I can hold out on super laziness until then I think.  This fall I am taking Intro to Research (blech, not looking forward to that too much, but I need it for my psych major).  Then I have Survey of the New Testament, which I am excited about.  I get really stoked for my bible classes, they are so enriching!  and then the second half of the semester I am taking Intro to Christian Counselling (again, so stoked!!) for my new cognate to my major, and last but certainly not least, Psychology of Personality.  I am SO looking forward to the personality class!

scored a bunch of moving boxes the other day from local stores, so big booya there!

I have been spending a little bit of spare time packing up the odds and ends that we don't use too often and that way whenever this whole moving thing happens (dear God, let it be sooner rather than later) we will be a couple steps ahead.  As for me, I am getting really worn out spending so much time apart from my husband.  I feel giddy at the idea of us being able to live together for real again!  and jeez Louise the money we will save from him not having to drive so much!  come on big money!  get back in my wallet!  The hubby has been gone a week now and it really just plain stinks (don't get me wrong, it's nothing compared to the deployments and field ops we lived through, but still), but he comes home tomorrow and I am so stoked!  Not only will he be home but I too will have the whole weekend off!  no waking up to get Tristan ready for school, no schoolwork to do, it's gonna be awesome, and oh, so lazy!

As for today I am spending some time just being a bum.  It's rainy
and a little gloomy, so I am really enjoying just hanging out and crocheting a chevron throw blanket and watching Saved by the Bell!  love it!

I'm loving this this throw!  although, I think I goofed it up just a little bit, but it doesn't matter too much, it's just for us.

Hope you all are doing great!

What do you like to do on Rainy days??

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Bethany Kline said...

I really hope everything comes together for your move. You're in my thoughts and prayers!


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