Friday, August 23, 2013

Meeting Bloggers in REAL Life

I follow a good deal of blogs, as most bloggers do, and I will not hesitate to say I do not read every single post from every single blog I follow.  Sorry.  It's just not possible.  Between Wifing, Momming, and Studenting (lol, how much do you love my new verbs?) I have just a tad bit of time to sit and read blogs before I have to get back to business of one form or another.  That being said, a blog has to be especially  fantastic for me to subscribe via email.  To me, email subscription to a blog is like the most fangirl thing to do when you really love reading someone's content on the regs.  I say ALL of that to say this:

There is one blog, that no matter what, I always have and always will read every single post from, and that blog is Interiors by Kenz.

 I absolutely love this girl!  her writing style is so fun and light it really makes you feel like you are just having coffee with her, not reading through paragraphs on a monitor.  She is so creative and really versatile and extraordinarily skilled at what she does.  Not only is she an awesome writer and DIY-er, but she also is so extremely well-rounded and there is more than meets the eye with this girl!  She plays violin in a symphony, and she's a pilot!  Like, whowhat?!  When I read her about me page I was blown away, I thought, no, there is no way in heck that she is actually a real person!

As you may have read in a previous post, at the beginning of this month I got to meet my blogger idol, Mekenzie from said blog.  She is just as delightful in real life as she is on the interwebs.  Which brings me to my next point and back around to the title of this post.  

Meeting bloggers in REAL life makes you feel a little bit like a stalker.  

It's weird.

We had an awesome breakfast at the Flying Biscuit Cafe in Atlanta, over which we talked about all the things that had been going on for her at the Haven Conference that weekend and my much less exciting adventure of getting through the toll road with only $.43 thanks to an extra  nice cashier, and also about the vast differences in our climates (She lives in Utah).  But I found myself asking questions based on all the millions of little factoids I knew about her from reading her blog for months and months, and like I said, it makes ya feel a little bit stalkery.  I talked myself out of this weird little feeling and really enjoyed being able to connect on a personal level with someone I have admired from across the country for such a long time!  

Have you met a fellow blogger and felt this same sensation?  
please tell me I am not alone in this!   


Bethany Kline said...

Girl, I adore the crap out of you! I'm SO happy that we are real life friends. I love and care about you and your family. I'm so proud of you for how hard you work at school. You motivate me to be better and more optimistic all the time. I look up to YOU more than you know :) xoxo

Bethany Kline said...

no way! That's crazy talk girl!!


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