Friday, August 30, 2013

House Hunting Rocks & Sucks

Hello All, and let me start by saying, UGH.

We have been on the hunt for houses in the new place where my husband got a job in June.  It has been kind of a culture shock because the housing market there is much different, and you get a lot less house for your money.  I get it, really I do, the schools are better there (a huge reason we chose to move there) and it's a nice place on the whole, but it just really sucks for people like us.  My husband is the sole provider while I'm in school and so our income is limited, ipso facto, so are our choices.

The reason house hunting rocks is because it is so fun to go into these places and just see the differences in space and architecture.  It's fun to see the way that other people decorate.  It's fun to wander around the empty ones and imagining where you would put all of your stuff.

The Reason it sucks is that we have kind of run out of choices.  We were on the hook for this one.  Then it didn't work out because the owner was giving his current tenant first opportunity to buy and she got approved.  Back to the drawing board.  There are a ton of houses for sale in the area, but the average price is in the $300-500k arena.....  do you know how much Cops get paid?  You don't?  ok, let's just say not enough to buy those, not by a long shot.

So, here we are.  Dying for the opportunity to get moved into, might I add, our first home, and yet, we are coming up empty handed over and over.  I just wish I knew what God had in mind for us, because I really felt in my heart of hearts that it was that one.  I'm just a little lost.

Hopefully in a few months we will be able to look back at this time and understand what the purpose of this back-and-forth and all this waiting was, but as for now, I'm stumped.  We are just so desperate for the change, and for the opportunity to be home owners we can taste it.

More waiting....


Bethany Kline said...

I know house hunting sucks! & It is hard finding a nice, cheap home in a decent area these days! Keep your head up & I will keep yall in my prayers! <3

Bethany Kline said...

it is so hard! Thanks for your sweet comment! I appreciate the prayers more than you know! We will take all the help we can get! :-) Have a perfect day Ashley!

Bethany Kline said...

Girl, I know first hand that it's an emotional roller coaster. I did it all on my own 4 1/2 years ago. All I can say is hang in there and roll with each wave that's thrown at you. I had my heart set on a house that I'd been cyber stalking for months and it fell through. Two weeks later I found my house that's double the size with all the same charm and the perfect price. The stars will align and doors will start to open in due time. Was that enough cliche's? I know it's corny, but it's all true.


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