Sunday, December 23, 2012

A Girl and her Giant Dog

My husband works swing shift, so he is always switching days to nights and back
It's exhausting.  

So, sometimes the kids and dog can only stand so much quiet time in our small little house and we have to get outside and release some serious wiggles!

So one morning a couple weeks ago I was taking Maggie out to potty and Grace came with
Neither of them wanted to come inside after the "business" was done.

I was burnt out on schoolwork for the moment as well, so I also could use the break.
So, I grabbed my camera and went out to play too.

A beautiful leaf my girl picked out for me!

She then wanted me to put it in her hair... 

They were so funny taking turns following and chasing each other around

hahahahaha, everytime I would squat down to get a different angle Maggie would do this

These two are such good buds.  
They have a really sweet bond. 
My son and our other dog who left us too early had the same thing.

She is such an awesome little model. 

Laying by her "Doggie-moo"

She does the cutest poses all on her own

Maggie, for those of you who don't know is an Irish Wolfhound. 
So yes, she is quite large, but believe it or not she is just about to turn 11 months old and is actually a little small for her breed.  

Ugh.  all she ever does anymore is "hurt my finger!!"  
Anyone else have a similar issue with their 3 year-old?

Maggie is so gentle with my Bunny girl, it's actually very impressive.  
considering she is a giant baby monster bull dozer

Looks like they are just walkin' and talkin' here

Grace invented an impromptu game out of this, it was so funny
She would throw a wad of grass at Maggie and she would try to catch and eat it

My beautiful angel

After throwing her grass wad straight up in the air.

Then Daddy woke up and came to join us outside!  
These two are like two peas in a pod.  

It's so funny looking back on life before kids
or life before your youngest, 
because it is so odd to imagine life without them.
I was looking through some old pictures on my computer the other day and found some from when Tristan was Gracie's age (he's now 8), and on more than one occasion I found myself thinking, "Where is Grace??" 

Hope all of you darlings are having a great day, and are getting close to being done with all your holiday preps
{{Lord knows, I am sure trying!}}

Have a beautiful day where ever you are!


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