Monday, December 3, 2012

Cute-Looking Chaos - Photographing the Kids and Dog

Let me just say that I am the WORST holiday procrastinator ever....

-wait until the morning of Valentine's day to get Tristan's valentines
-wait until the Saturday before Easter to get the stuff for Easter baskets
-wait until a few days before Halloween to get costumes
-And wait until like the 20th of December to think to send out Christmas cards.

It never fails!
Time just gets away from me so quickly.
So this year I decided I was going to take a stand against....
well..... myself. 

I had the idea to take the kids out to a cotton field and take some nice Christmasy looking photos because the cotton looks like snow when you look out across it.
I thought I could shop them a little and make our own Christmas cards 

Well, I got the pics taken, I guess we will see how the rest goes....


Bunny couldn't stop playing with the cotton. 

This is my Bear from off of my bed.  My Grandmother made it.   

My sweet Tristan... He has issues looking natural in photos, lol.  He's getting better though! 

Where y'all headed?? 

I love this Suitcase.
By far my most prized one. 
(read more about my Suitcase Love)

This one cracks me up, you can REALLY tell they are siblings in this pic.


They love these deer from that old Rudolph movie.
I keep them put away in the Christmas stuff so every year it's like brand new to them. 

My Beautiful Girl

Bright bright sun in the eyes!  

This is my favorite of them together.   

She insisted on getting up there to pose too.
But she didn't really pose at all, she just played.

Do you have any idea how difficult it is to pose a 3 year old, an 8 year old and a GIANT puppy?
I do.  
I would NOT recommend it to the faint of heart. 

I still got a few really good ones of all three of them 

Serious faces 

Gracie is awesome at looking natural in pictures.  
That's what is great about this age
They are just in their own little world... 

I love this one. 
Believe it or not, I wasn't directing them to do this.
Tristan is such a good big brother,
he just loves the bejeebers out her.  


So, We'll see if I get these on some cards and sent out.
With the way school and scheduling is going I'm not too terribly sure....
Thank goodness I only have 2 weeks left and then I'm off for an entire MONTH!!

Dear Lord, what will I ever do with so much free time?!


Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz said...

I LOVE the cotton field! It's brilliant and the pictures look darling :)

Kathe said...

Such sweet pictures! Each one a special memory I am sure. Thank you for sharing this at the party this week! I'm also featuring it on my Facebook page :-)

A Proverbs 31 Wife said...

I love this! Found you when Kathe shared on Facebook. (btw, you are not the only procrastinator!)

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Very cute! And yes, I too swear that I am going to plan ahead and get my cards done on time. Ours have arrived to their destinations (as of today) so I am doing OK, but we usually take our photo on our summer vacation, so there is no excuse for being overwhelmed this week!


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