Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why I'm a Bad Blogger...

Bad Bad Bad Blogger!!!

I know, I have been officially crappy at this these past few weeks.  
I am thoroughly sorry! 

Let me give you a Quick run down of what's been up over here:

School has had me stressed to the max this term.  
I have been taking U.S. History (up to the Civil War) and Philosophy.  
I love history, I really and truly do, however...
Pre-civil war has got to be the most boring part of American history ever. Which is sad because it is obviously super important! 

Next, let me shamefully announce that
I FREAKING hate Philosophy.  
just totally and completely dislike.  
I have hated telling people that I hate it, because I feel like they look at me like I am some sort of idiot, or bumpkin or something. 
don't get me wrong, I can totally see why some people would be into it.  
I can completely see the merit in it. 
However, it is just not MY thing.  Plain and Simple.
But I know a lot of people feel that way about Psychology and I just can't understand that because it's my PASSION and I can't get enough of it.  
To each his/her own I suppose.

Moving on....
I have been semi-busy with non school activities when I can such as :

  • Crocheting blankets for my kids (post coming soon)
  • Upcycling a thrifted desk for my son (post coming soon)
  • Trying to keep my dog from wandering off and getting knocked up
  • Getting my dog fixed (solved that problem)
  • Christmas shopping (mostly online, Thank you Jesus for the internet!!)
  • I got some really great pics of My sweeties, Maggie and Gracie playing together in the yard (post coming soon)
  • Plucked some awesome memories in the form of photos from my old Myspace page (old school baby)
  • Completely neglected my sweet Lisa (I'm so sorry my love! Emails recommencing soon!!)
  • Got commissioned to make a CUSTOM Lackadaisicat for a girl for her boyfriend, and I am so stoked to work on it, plus the hubby wants to help me do it!  Score! (post coming soon)

I am so ready to finish getting presents wrapped and put under this tree!  
Which reminds me, I need to get some pics of it taken and put up here, I am so proud of it!  It's just so fun and happy.  I wish it wasn't horrendously tacky to have it up all year long!

My husband is working a really crappy schedule the week of Christmas so we are moving Christmas eve and Christmas day 3 days later, which for me is no issue because it means I get to keep having Christmas when everyone else is done (nanny nanny boo boo!!) . 

I am hoping to get some serious blogging underway here soon and I'm working on some feature and guest post ideas, so stay tuned for that 
(if you have indeed gotten this far in this all text post and haven't pulled a TL;DR, I commend you!)

Thank you all for still loving me
(you do still love me right?)
despite my absence, and Hello to all you new followers!  12 in just a couple days!  
I am so glad to have you here!!

well my Darlings, I must commence some gift wrapping!



Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz said...

Woman! You are SO busy! You deserve some R&R.

Lisa Gullion said...

I still totally dig you:-)


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