Friday, December 21, 2012

Sweet Baby Owl Purse & Money

Gracie, my 3 year-old daughter,
loves playing with little bags and purses
So I decided I would make her one for Christmas.
After a lot of looking I found a really sweet pattern 
I changed her pattern a little, 
so mostly just the making of the body, beak, and addition of the tassels is still hers.  
I am including some changes I made to my own below
Email, or comment if you have questions 
of if something doesn't make sense.  

{sc = single crochet}
{hdc = half double crochet}
{ch = chain}
{sl st = slip stitch}
{st = stitch}

And then I made some "Money" to go with it so she would have something to go in her little purse.

I love this variegated yarn, these are some of my favorite colors together
So I was really excited to use it

I did the eyes differently, I left out the pupils and just did the eye lashes
with a darning needle and some black yarn.

I made it thicker by making a "ribbon" of 2 rows of hdc  that went all the way around and then attached to front and back with a sc

{sorry no picture for this part}

And instead of doing a single chain for the strap, I chained 62 and then put the hook through the second ch from the hook and then hdc all the way back across and then tied it off and attached each end of the strap to the respective side panel with a few sc.

For the dollar bills:

Ch 18
put hook through 2nd ch from hook and work hdc in each ch all the way across
ch 2 and turn your work
repeat 4 more times.

For the gold coins:

make a magic ring.
ch 1, sc 9
tighten ring and sl st to complete circle.
ch 1, 2 sc in each ch around to where you started
sl st into 1st st and complete the circle

For the silver coins:

make a magic ring.
ch 1, sc 11
tighten ring and sl st to complete circle.
ch 2, 2 hdc in each ch around to where you started
sl st into 1st st and complete the circle

I can't wait to give this to her for Christmas. 
 I am wrapping it up tonight and putting it under the tree.  
My husband assured me he thinks it's awesome and that she will love it and I sure hope he is right!

I think I'm gonna make one for my girlfriend's daughter too.  
I just don't know if I'm gonna use these same colors or different ones.  
We'll see!  

I'm waiting to hear back from +Lisa Gullion now, 
but in the meantime I might make some for my etsy shop since I have permission to sell the items made from the pattern


Lisa Gullion said...

THAT ROCKS!! I love it!!!

Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz said...

Oh my heck, i LOVE that crochet money!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...


4 You With Love said...

Awesome blog! I'm following you and gave you a shout out!

Have a great day!


Tammy said...

My granddaughters would love this.I found your blog thru a link u from 4youwithlove blog, where you and I were featured. I thought she had a really fantastic idea, so I am making it a point to visit those blogs she featured and pay it forward by following them. Merry Christmas

stephanne cuento said...

Too cute! I love the colors! I found you on 4youwithlove where I was featured too.


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