Friday, February 8, 2013

DIY Pacifier {Binkie} Tethers

The way that companies can jack up the prices of things never ceases to amaze me.  Especially when it comes to "Buzz" items and genres.  

One of those Buzz areas is baby gear.

When my daughter was a baby, I needed to get a tether for her pacifier because I got tired of constantly having to wash them over and over and over....  
So, I paid like $12 at Walmart for a pacifier holder so we wouldn't be losing them all the time. 

I got to thinkin' about it and I ended up kinda kicking myself, 
{which is more difficult than it sounds} 
because I realized this would be super easy to do myself! 

it turned out that I paid way too much for something I could've made myself for only about $.50! 

it turned out that ribbon is {at least it can be} insanely cheap and so are all the other supplies. So I figured out how to make them myself and here's how it went down.

So first I found some old suspenders at a thrift store for a $1 at that gave me 4 clips to make 4 different tethers!  booya!
this is just for reference, I bought this pair of suspenders too,
but I decided the sharp edges wouldn't do for this project.
{As a side note , It would be really cool to attach a button or something to the top smooth part of the clip, just to make them more fashionable if you wanted.  I left mine plain}

I got some nice grosgrain ribbon in different colors, all of which only cost me like $1.25.
I got to use a HUGE box of notions that my Grandmother gave me, which included a TON of velcro

Then I measured out some ribbon and sewed on my velcro in the appropriate place, and secured the ribbon through the loop on the clip.

{I made sure to leave no unfinished edges exposed, you know how ribbon gets!}

  Ribbon, velcro, clips, a little thread and booya!!  
We have some binkie {that's what we call 'em at my house} tethers for super cheap!

Now isn't this way better than paying $12 for just one?!  
I sure think so!  

Do you have some awesome baby crafts that helped you dodge paying big bucks??  
Share the link below in the comments!
I would love to see it!


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