Friday, February 15, 2013

Excuses Excuses!

Hello my Lovelies!
relaxin' with my sweetie Bunny

Let me just say that I suck.  No, I haven't been hacked, I am just coming out first and foremost to say that I suck.

I have had a really hard time getting motivated to blog lately.  I love doing it and I hate that I have fallen behind, but I just haven't had that inspiration lately!

A lot of it stems from doing schoolwork.  I can't bring myself to spend a bunch of time on making a good post because I have schoolwork to get done!  

This term (B term) I am taking Child development and Humanities.  

They are both pretty interesting, and not too difficult, but I have a lot of extra assignments (papers and such) for each, so it is not terribly challenging so much as just time consuming. 

I'm really excited about D term because I will be taking Adolescent Psych and Survey of Old Testament Lit.  
Both of those should be really awesome and fun! 

I am hoping to get myself together enough to have a yard sale at the first of March, I would love to take that money (hopefully lots and lots) and put it towards stuff we need, like new dishes, and a new TV stand and stuff like that.  

Plus we have just a ton of stuff to get rid of, you should see the corner of my shed dedicated to stuff to sell, it's a friggin' mountain!  

I even made a Yard Sales Pin board with a bunch of info and tips on how to have a good one.  
I need to go back and look at those! 

I have been meaning to get this yard sale done for over a year now, but i keep losing track of time and starting over.  I am trying to step out in faith and get it done and start acting like we are going to move out of here since that's what we want to do.  

We also have a lot of stuff that goes on between January and February
My Birthday and then Elliott's birthday and then Valentine's and then our Anniversary (the 21st!)
So I have been busy with all those activities too.

Anyway, Now that I have made my confession you all can stop hating me.  ;-)  
Just Kidding.

I'll do better, I promise!  


Kenz @ Interiors by Kenz said...

I have fallen behind too. I'm trying to bust my way through school also. And my blog is coming last. I feel bad. UG! I'm glad we're in the same boat.

Lisa Gullion said...

what kind of dishes were you wanting??

hennymats said...

Oh I know that feeling... have been so bad about blogging the past few months, basically since getting a new job. Sigh. But things will change again, so we should really stop being so hard on ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by today, I really appreciated your comment :)


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