Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fearsome Dragon Cakes

Ya'll may remember me saying in my Tristan's jar cupcakes post that we were planning a party for the kids' birthdays on Saturday the 17th. 

We decided a while back we were gonna make this a dragon themed party because that's something they are both really into.  

I searched the world of pinterest and found a really awesome tutorial to make a dragon cake!
I altered it just a tad to make it fit my cake plate and I think they turned out fantastic!

so, here we go.... a SERIOUS undertaking...

I wanted to be sure these were really full awesome cakes, so i used 3 white cake mixes to make the 2 cakes

Check out my awesome new hand mixer, it has the attachment below to hold onto the cord and the mixing tools!   


 I divvied up the batter and added a heaping helping of gel food coloring to each of 5 bowls:
red, yellow, green, blue and purple

On tristan's jar cakes i also used orange, but i was unimpressed with it so i left it out this time.

All baked up, I love the colors peeking through!

Now comes the best part, Homemade buttercream!  

 I made homemade buttercream for the first time like 2 years ago and my husband has not allowed me to buy ready-made frosting since! 

Here's a cross section i had to shave off the make the body even. 
 Look how pretty!!

There's the body

Now with the legs, head, neck and tail.

I did a crumb coat and then threw it back in the freezer and worked on the other.  
I did this back and forth for HOURS!

Gracie's cake is looking good with the first coat of pinkish-red, 
now back in the freezer!

Here are some of the supplies i used to make them more dragon like:
-The Rips were for the spikes on the backs and the ears, and the leftover strips were used to symbolize flames from their mouths
-The fruit roll-ups were for the wings with the help of the skewers
-The gummi savers were for the nostrils, nails and horns
-Marshamallows cut in thin wafers were used for the eyes with the help of some black decorative gel for the pupils

Just about done...

Check out the horns!!  
cute right??

Now for the final look at all sides!  

 I am so proud!  
These were my first fancy cakes i have ever made!

I had so much fun making them even though it was pretty labor intensive getting them just right.

The kids just plain loved them!  

And of course the best part about Birthdays is having the leftover cake for breakfast til it's all gone!

Click here to see what the cakes look like inside and how the party went!


Lisa Gullion said...

These are awesome!!! I want to make one just for the hell of it...lol

Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz said...

Um, these are the bee's knees. SO CUTE! Good job :)


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