Saturday, November 10, 2012

Inspirations of a Fellow Artist: A Guest Post by Lisa @ Lost Garden Designs

Hi everyone!
It is my very great pleasure to introduce to you my very sweet friend Lisa!
She is the person who first inspired me to express myself through blogging, and it has been so fulfilling for me and i surely hope for her for us to kindle this sweet friendship!  

Lisa and I went to high school together and got reacquainted through facebook (as so many do!) and it wasn't long before we couldn't go a day without emailing back and forth and bouncing ideas off one another.

She is so very talented and also inspired me to pick up crocheting.  
She is amazing with a hook and I asked if she would be willing to do a guest post to show off some of her amazing creations, and she happily obliged, 
So, without further ado, here is Lisa!

Lisa Gullion Owner of 

Since I was a little girl I have always been creating something and drawing. It helped greatly that my family has wonderful artists to inspire me further. I have an aunt and uncle who are comic book artists, an aunt who is a portrait artist, A cousin younger than me in concept design, and a Mom who is a wonderful quilt artist. So inspiration has not been in short supply.

I do black and white fantasy drawings/sketches like you would find in Heavy Metal Magazine but never pursued it professionally. 
My Drawings were an area of my art I wanted to see succeed to greatness but we are not called "struggling artists" for nothing.

I have yet to muster the guts to test my drawings with a price tag... I am afraid I will fail.
My worst fear ever.... So, I set down the pencil.

{One of the Doodles I still do from time to time.}

My Mom is not only being an amazing quilt artist that blows my mind, but also use to knit and crochet throws for all over the house. They were so cozy and warm, and not to mention beautiful. 

So, at 10 years old I wanted to learn how to do that. She taught me the basics of knitting (yuck) and Crochet (Yay!) but to say that i was lacking patience is an understatement.

After I turned 25, I went back to the hook and yarn and it was like someone else took over my mind. I began creating!!  suffice it to say, patience was no issue at this point. 

I had the idea to make yarn wigs and I brought them to life. These were my price tag testing items. My moment in this life to try to be a profitable artist had arrived and I was ready for it. After making a wig design for each popular fairy tale princess I was ready to open my own Etsy Shop.

 {First Wig sold Ever!!}

It is in my LostGardenDesigns Etsy Shop for custom order.

I sold my very first real piece of artwork!  that would mark the start of being a paid artist.  I don't make much but I would have rather sold one piece of artwork than to have never tried and in that, I am a success.

I would love it if you came to visit my Etsy Shop to see more creations of mine 

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Lisa Gullion said...

Thank You my Love!! You are the sweetest ever!


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