Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tristan and Gracie's Dragon Party

So the day finally arrived for Tristan and Gracie's 8th and 3rd birthdays respectively.
I can hardly believe they are getting so big!

(See how I made these cakes here)

We rented a HUGE 20 ft inflatable double slide
We were able to get some good playing done on it before all the kids arrived

Here is Bunny having a ball

And Tristan posing on his way down

And as you can see I had some fun on it too.  
This thing was CRAZY fast!

Daddy got in on the fun too!

We asked my Dad and Linda to run their hotdog cart for the party, 
Here is Maggie trying to snag a bite

Cake time!  
I got so many compliments on how great the cakes looked!  
That made all the hard work, and staying up til 1:30 am working on them totally worth it!

We got sparklers shaped in a 3 and an 8 for their cakes, and then made the regular candles look like they were coming out of the dragon's mouths and lit them...
Fire Breathing!  get it?!

Even maggie was excited about cake time
Don't worry though, we didn't give her any.

They were so pleased with their cakes!

Blow out the Candles!!  

They both wanted to eat the dragon's heads!  lol
You can see bunny is picking the candy off first

Here's how the cake looked cut open, 
Really cool, huh?  

Tristan got the new super mario brothers 2 for his 3DS, 
This is genuine excitement caught on film!  lol

And bunny got the bike she had been asking for.  
Elliott made a deal with her that when she said her name properly he would buy her a bike
She finally said "Gracie" instead of "tree-tree" a couple weeks ago, 
So she got a cinderella Bike!

Such a happy girl!  
Now she just needs to figure out how to pedal it and she and Tristan will be able to ride together in the yard!

We had such a fun day and the party was a total success.  
Everything fell together perfectly and everyone had so much fun!

I hope they always remember this party, 
I know I will!

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Lisa Gullion said...

That is an awesome party. I love the excited tristan pic over his game, priceless.


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