Thursday, November 1, 2012

Adventures in Ooo

I know most of you 
{if you're anything like me}
are totally done with Halloween even though it just happened.
So, bear with me, I'll keep it short!

I made the costumes for my kids this year.  
The prices on the ones we wanted were jacked WAY up for some reason by the time we got around to shopping for them, so i made the decision to make them myself!
This was a pretty big undertaking considering i am also balancing schoolwork and this blog and  trying to maintain the house.
I think they turned out great!  

for those of you who may not be familiar, 
The kids are dressed like Finn and Jake from Adventure Time
We just happened upon this show last year and we still can't get enough of it!  

We own all the dvd sets and we keep tons of them on DVR.

It's not just Tristan and Grace that love it either...
My husband and I are both very much children at heart.
So watching this show has become a fun family activity for us.
Plus it's so hard to find something the kids like that isn't completely obnoxious!
so, It's a good show for little kids and for grown ups too!

I wanted to make Maggie a Lady Rainicorn costume

But I didn't have the time to make it happen.  So i put Gracie's old tutu on her.
believe it or not she freakin' loved it!  she didn't bother with it at all! 
She's such a girly dog!  
All i had to do was tell her how pretty she looked!
{Isn't that what every girl wants to hear?)

Gracie kept saying "Halloween Please!" instead of trick or treat

such a ham!

Here's a better look at her jake face 

 when I told her it was time to get dressed she said "yay!  I wanna be GAKE!" 

Maggie gets so excited when the kids get to running in the yard

That boy is ready for an adventure!

Making a plan to save Ooo
{Ooo is the name of the planet where Finn and Jake live} 

And off they go!

I made his hat and his back pack 
I got a little help from this instructable

I made Grace's entire costume based loosely off of this instructable .  I wanted to make matching sleeves, but I ran out of time and supplies!  
 {She loved her tail}

Last year the kids had cool costumes too as you can see here
But I love them matching each other and it was such an adventure for me to be able to make them this year!

So anyway....
as you can see we are extreme Adventure Time dorks!

I am such an Adventure time geek I want to own like everything in the cartoon network shop!  

But you can find Adventure time gear in other places too:

Tristan has the one on the top right, but in Green.

And I want all the others!!  


Lisa Gullion said...

OMG!!!! You rocked these babes out!! They look awesome Mrs. Lady

Bre @ Peacoats and Plaid said...

Great photos! That show is awesome.

Ellen Stedman said...

Love them!!!!

Julie said...

Looks like you all had a great Halloween! Thanks for stopping by This Gal Cooks and following along.I am already a follower of your blog so I'm glad to have you follow back. :)


sugarplums andlollipops said...

So cool! My kids love Adventure Time. I'm a new follower from MBC and would love a follow back at and Pinterest. I follow back all of my Pinterest followers :)

Reese said...

That is awesome! I don't think I saw any kids rocking the Adventure Time costumes this year, so points for your originality. I seriously wish I had the ability to sew. Lord knows I've tried, but it's pretty tragic. Besides these days I'm in the same boat as you, I've got my little bean to look after and I'm finishing up my last few semesters, working and blogging, so my free time is super limited.

Thank you so much for swinging by my blog I appreciated your comment. By now I'm so use to seeing that generic "Hi there! Newest follower, follow me back" message that it was super refreshing to see such a sweet comment.

I am most certainly looking forward to getting to know you and your family as well :)


Reese said...

Btw, hope you don't mind, I just pinned your adventure time costumes to my pinterest board...

Life as a Bird said...

Amazing! These turned out way too cute. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am now following you back.

Kiana Bates said...

Oh my gosh. This post just made my whole entire life so much better! My brother loves watching that show and has a Finn hat. I've never seen such a good Jake the Dog costume before! Love your blog :) New follower!!!


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