Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sick Babies

There are few things more terrible than having to deal with a stomach bug.
Whether it's yourself or your kids, it's just plain terrible.
I personally would rather die than have the stomach flu.
just yuck.

Well last week Gracie had a stomach bug.  
And we didn't know it until it happened all over my husband....
Elliott insisted we make a public shame photo of her, lol
{I love these kinds of photos.  You can't help but laugh.}

We were at our realtor's office {which is an hour drive away}
 working on an offer for this house we are interested in and next thing I know she is throwing up all over Daddy.  
I felt awful for both of them. 

 As far as I am concerned if you are sick in my house you are getting spoiled completely Rotten.
I just load my self down with some serious Vitamin C and get busy waiting on them hand and foot.  
I set Gracie-bean up with a little makeshift bed on the couch so she could watch her favorite shows and drink her pedialyte.

She was out of commission for about 4 days!  it was so awful for her.
Poor Baby....  

Daddy let me get her this pretty little "rainicorn" {as she calls it} to make her feel better
She loves it.  
We told her it was a magic "Rainicorn" and it would make her tummy feel better. 

One amazing thing about the whole ordeal was that, despite obviously feeling crummy, she was really upbeat through the whole thing.  I was super proud.

And thankfully as of right now 
{knock on wood}
No one else in the house has gotten it! 
Whoop whoop!

between this and being crazy-busy with school I have been really bad about posting, 
I'm sorry!!

I still love yall!
Mama's just gotta take care of business...
Speaking of, I had better get back to studying.

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Lisa Gullion said...

She is still so cute even if she was


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