Sunday, January 27, 2013

My New Pinterest

When I first figured out Pinterest I was hooked.  
Minutes became hours when surfing through there. 
It was amazing all the cool stuff people came up with and shared!
It became my new search engine for just about everything.  

Now I have found a new Pinterest.
And it's
This site is amazing, just thousands upon thousands of fonts.  

I used to love dafont so much even before I started blogging, but I really couldn't put any of them to use
I downloaded them anyway though and would just goof around in word docs
But now that I've got photoshop and I'm blogging I get to actually use all my awesome finds!  

Just the other day I lost a couple hours on there and found some of these awesome fonts.  
They are all free!  Not only that, there are tons of ways to browse and search for what you want.

Here are just a few new ones that I Love...

Dafont is a can't miss site, 
Especially for crafting and blogging purposes.

Have a look and find more than just what I picked out to show you!
All this talk has gotten me in the mood to font shop some more...

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