Tuesday, January 15, 2013

You Can't Choose Your Family.... They Can't Choose You Either

Today's Challenge is "How would your family describe you?"

I guess the answer depends on what part of the family you are asking about.
Me on my Birthday last year

I sent out a few Text messages searching for answers,
So, in the meantime, I'll give the answer I would HOPE to receive

I would like to think that I would be described as reliable, friendly, funny, and free-spirited.

I think too, on the less perfect side of description I would probably referred to as
A little flakey, forgetful and maybe a little short-tempered at times.
I tend to take things personally unnecessarily and have been known to have problems with authority and "taking orders" as well as criticism at times.

I find no shame in evaluating one's good and bad qualities.
It's the way that we grow.  
Even though it can be a little painful it's good to hear the less desirable qualities that people see in you.

It's like how you can look in a mirror before you leave the house and think, 
"dang, I look pretty adorable" 
then upon seeing a photo of yourself you realize that you look nowhere near as cute as you thought.
(this happens to me on the regular)
If we don't take the criticisms to heart then we can't fix the way we are perceived outwardly.


So, I have received my feedback from Family and here goes:

*My snarky and hilarious rebel of a baby brother, Johnny (I use "baby" loosely.  he's 19 and towers over me by a few inches, despite me being 8 years older than him), had this to say about me:

"you're a delightfully productive maniac with enough verbal dexterity to teach calculus to a caveman"

Wowzers.  That's extreme. lol.

*My very beautiful smart and artistic Mother used these words to describe me:

"Beautiful, Tall, Talented and Fierce!"

I'd like to think that is the REAL definition of "fierce" and not the fashion version.
Fashion is SO not my gig
My idea of fashion consists of tank tops jeans and cardigans.

*My sweet and spirit-filled Stepmother, Linda, had a lot to add when asked how she would describe me:

"Enthusiastic, a woman of wider emotional feelings, with a strong sense of justice, who lives in the moment, and is self examining, and open to learning something worthwhile.  Strong dedication to immediate family.  A powerful friend to the few she deems worthy of friendship.  A celebrator of others' accomplishments.  Creative with several mediums. Very social.  An outgoing communicator.  Regarding life, learning very quickly how to pick the gold nuggets from the trash.  Rephrasing:  She is learning (at an accelerated rate) to recognize and focus on the good and reject what is not.  She is open to the teachings of the Holy Spirit."

Wow.  I received all of this through 7 different text messages.  I was so flattered to hear that this is how she would describe me. 

*My Dad is one of the funniest and sweetest people I know.  He truly has such a kind spirit and such a loving disposition.  He also has a great way with words.  He added this:

"Well, let's see- you are loyal to those you love, you are open to constructive change (not change for change's sake), you have a strong sense of adventure, you are an excellent hostess with a real spirit of hospitality.  Your sense of humor is sophisticated but not stuffy.  You have a tender spirit, but you sometimes place barriers to protect it.  Your strongest focal point is your family.  You can be boisterous or serious without effort.  You exhibit gratitude gracefully.  And you are the prettiest young lady in Louisville-- wait, the universe.  You approach difficult tasks with much care and forethought and you are empathetic."

*Lastly (but definitely not least) is my sweet cousin Rachel.  She and I didn't grow up incredibly close, but have grown to know and enjoy each other much better in the last year or so.  She is also very spirit-filled and very talented.  She said this:

"I would describe you as tenacious.  Based on all that you have gone through, you've never given up or let go of your dreams.  You're very strong and determined.  I'd also describe you as generous and thoughtful.  You have a servant's heart.  You're insightful and intuitive, which is why you will make a great counselor/Psychologist."


I have been overwhelmed by the responses I got on this question.
 I am truly humbled to find out the things that those people I love had to say about me.
It was more in depth and touching than I had expected.
this task was really moving.

Hearing these things makes me want to continue working on those characteristics that each of them listed, in order to improve myself in the ways that people find to be great qualities in me.

How would your family describe you?

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Lisa Gullion said...

This post was awesome and oh so true. The responses you got were amazing for the amazing woman you are. absolutely well deserved.

Kenz @ Interiors by Kenz said...

I feel like families know us better than anyone else. It can be scary to ask them what they think of us, knowing full well that they can be honest with us. (I'm sure one of my sisters would tell me I'm a spoiled brat). But this shows you, and the world, that you are genuinely an amazing person. You are an example with your dedication to what you know is right. You are fun and full of life. Keep being you! You might never know the difference you'll make in someone's life.

Kelly Ann said...

This is so cute and I wonder what my family would say about me!

Sparkles and Shoes

Jessi Francis said...

That is so sweet! :)

Rachel Dougherty said...

I'm so proud of you, Bethany! I love being a part of your life. Thank you for including me


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