Thursday, January 3, 2013

"The 25 Best Things About Me"

I am not a "Braggy" person.  
I am not one to toot my own horn or be self-serving.  

I haven't always been this way.
If you had asked me maybe 6 years ago I am sure I would have easily been able to come up with 25 of the best things about me.  

So this may be a struggle, and know that this is not an attempt to brag or anything of the like.
It's just part of the "assignment"!

So this may end up being more of a "25 best influences/blessings in my life" post.  


The 25 best things about me are...

  1. My hair.  I was blessed by both of my parents with thick and healthy hair.  No matter what I seem to do to it, I am able to grow it long and I love it.  even when I have had weight problems, I always knew I could count on my hair to be pretty
  2. My Kids.  I have made some pretty fantastic children!  My kids are both smart and beautiful and just generally awesome.  I am so proud of them 
  3. My husband.  I married my high school sweetheart.  We are still completely smitten with each other and he is my best friend.  I am so in love with this man, and he has literally made me a better person.
  4. My Faith.  I got saved as a adult in 2012, it has completely changed my life and my relationships with others.  God has blessed my heart so much this past year, and I am so excited to see how 2013 will be as I grow as a Christian!
  5. My Artistic Abilities.  I come from a very artistic background, and I am so thankful to have been blessed with this gene!  My mother is an artist and so is my oldest brother +Josh Talbott.  They are so amazingly gifted!  My Grandmother is also very gifted in the craft department.  she can whip up anything with a sewing machine!
  6. My Epiphany.  I was always an aimless type of person and wasn't ever really passionate about anything.  A couple years ago that changed and out of the blue one day I realized what it was that I wanted to "be when I grow up".  It was an amazing moment, and I have been working for it ever since!  I am working towards becoming a Faith-based Psychologist.  
  7. My School.  I go to Liberty University Online which is a Christian college.  I love it, and it is what has helped me get saved as an adult.  
  8. My Support System.  Between my Dad and Stepmother and my husband I have an amazing support system.  They are all so encouraging and wonderfully supportive.  I know I can count on each of them to be there for me in both the failures and the triumphs, and for that I am exceedingly grateful.
  9. My Grades.  Somehow by some miracle I have been about to maintain a high average in my classes, despite having been out of school for 7+ years when I started college!  I made Dean's List my first semester in college and that is something I am both amazed by and proud of!
  10. My Photography.  A couple years ago my husband bought me an awesome D-SLR camera that I've been wanting for the longest time.  I have learned so much and am still learning about photography and all the little ins and outs and details surrounding it, but I have so enjoyed being able to express myself through photography.  Or as my Aunt Kathy calls it "art in a hurry".  hahaha!
  11. Living in the Country.  I love love love living out in the sticks.  I can honestly say that it played a huge part in not only getting me saved, but also making my marriage better and more fulfilling.  I guess I'm just not cut out for the fast-paced city life.  Fine by me, I love the space and the peace and quiet.
  12. My Driving.  This may seem silly, but I'm about to start grasping at straws for this list to be able to make it to 25!  hahaha!  I have always been a good driver and a great parker too.  So... that's a thing...
  13. Bargain Hunting.  I am, thanks very much to my mother, a great bargain hunter.  I feel no shame about buying second hand.  I love it actually.  My mom taught me how to find the best deals and for that I am thankful.
  14. Technology Savvy.  I am no IT nerd, not by any stretch of the Imagination.  However, I can figure technology out relatively quickly.  
  15. Picking Up New Skills.  As I said before I have been blessed genetically with art and craft skills, And I think I am pretty great at picking up new skills.  For instance I just picked up crochet this past year, and I have been able to complete a few relatively big projects successfully.  It's all thanks to the inspiration of my sweet friend +Lisa Gullion, she influenced me to pick it up and it has been so therapeutic and rewarding to me!
  16. Sense of Humor.  I think I am a pretty funny person.  I was always a class clown in school and that has carried over into my adulthood.  The funniest person I know is my husband, he can be a laugh riot, so I know I have got to pretty funny when I can crack him up!
  17. I'm Tone Deaf.  This may not sound like a great thing about me, however it helps me to appreciate those who aren't tone deaf like myself.  My son inherited this from me poor thing, but my daughter seems to be musically talented like my husband, good for her!
  18. I'm a Good Wife.  This is a thing I am sure of and also proud of.  I wasn't always a great wife, but I have been working hard at it for these last 6 years and I can honestly say that I have made strides at being a good and supportive wife and my husband tells me regularly how proud he is to have me, and how much he appreciates me. 
  19. I'm Awesome at Christmas.  Thanks to having awesome traditions set in place by my mother, I am fantastic at Christmas gifting.  My husband praises me each year for how I am at being Santa and putting traditions in place for our kids to carry with them and remember their entire lives.  
  20. Providing Keepsakes.  I love using my craft skills to provide keepsakes for my husband and children. I have made a quilt for my husband and both my kids and I have made them little plushies and  just this year for Christmas I made my kids each a granny square blanket.  I hope that these are things that my kids will remember and keep close to their hearts forever.  
  21. Blogging.  I think that I am catching up on this whole blogging learning curve and I am honestly very proud of my blog, and I strive to make it something that I would want to read as a follower.  I only just started in August and it has provided me with so much peace.  I love being able to share with others and get feedback on some of the things I am most proud of.  
  22. My Passion.  As I listed before I have returned to school to study psychology.  I am so passionate about the subject and I am even more thankful for how naturally it comes to me.  It is a beautiful thing to not only be passionate about something, but for that thing to come so naturally and be so rewarding.  I can't wait to take my next Psych class.  (Child and Adolescent this spring semester!)
  23. My Friendship.  I think I am a very good friend.  For a long time that kind of went by wasted because I chose the wrong people to be a great friend to and it always left me feeling screwed over and hurt.  But now that I have found a few amazing friends to be there for it has been so rewarding, and being screwed over in the past has made me truly appreciate the ones I have now that are there for me just as much as I am and try to be for them.
  24. My Writing.  I was always gifted with words as a kid.  My skills in literature always far exceeded those of any other school subject.  I think that's part of the reason I enjoy blogging so much is that it is a fun challenge trying to write to appeal to an audience.
  25. Self-Control.  I wasn't always taught to control myself and do the right thing instead of doing whatever I want.  Being married and having children has changed the way I conduct myself, and shown me the error of my ways and selfishness.  I have become much more responsible in the last several years and what I never realized was that doing the right thing is far better than doing whatever you want.  It is far more rewarding to be good and righteous than it is doing the wrong thing in the long run.  

So that was more challenging than I expected.  But the whole point of this month on About Me is to assess myself and my life.

Day one:  Check!


Lisa Gullion said...

I love it am mine would look very similar. I would have to say you did a great job because I agree with them about you. <3 u

Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz said...

I love that you took the time to write this list. You are a wonderful person full of greatness! I like that a significant amount of qualities on your list are things you actually had to work really really hard for. "Good qualities" don't always come to us naturally, but it really shows what kind of person you are when you make it a priority to become something greater.

Rachel Dougherty said...

I'm so thankful for you, Bethany! I love that He has brought us back together and is growing our friendship! Praising God for His great love and work in your life! Love you

Bethany Kline said...

I would have to pull some things out of the air if I had to come up with 25 things. I'd be stuck after probably 5 LOL :p


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