Monday, January 28, 2013

Upcycled Thrift Store Desk

Tristan, our 8 year old, has been needing a desk for a good while
So, I have been keeping my eyes peeled (what a gross figure of speech, btw!)
for a cool one in the thriftosphere.
 (yep, just coined that... you're welcome)

One Saturday morning I get this pic from my dad:

This potential beauty was looking out at him from the local thrift store window
(and yes, those are his legs reflected there)

I thought, what a cool little desk!  
This thing was only $10 so I asked him to go ahead and pay for it and I would come up there and bring him the money and pick it up. 
He happily obliged.

So we brought it home and after a good bit of procrastinating, 
we got to work on it

My Dad Tightened some screws underneath

My Hubby sanded it down really well so that we could put a fresh coat of paint on
(you can't really tell but he is busting a lil move in this pic, lol)

Rolling his eyes at me because I'm taking his picture...

Now trying to sand ME

All dismantled...

With all the curved edges it took a good while to get the whole things sanded down really well.

just a side note, I actually didn't doctor this pic at all.
Can you believe that sky?!

So now it was time for my Lady Job.
The painting.

I taped off the top because we knew we weren't going to paint it because it's a Formica type material and already had a nice smooth edge.  

The color we picked is called "Handsome"  
We wanted something that was cool for him at 8
but he could also grow up with, so we didn't want anything too "kiddy"
So we picked this really nice soft blue

Drying everything...

I had been putting off posting this project because it isn't quite done and perfect yet.
There is a lot that still needs to be done:

Of course I didn't get pictures of the process, 
But we spray painted the handle silver (I heart silver spray paint!)
And then I got some acrylic craft paint in silver and hand painted all the lines on the front and down the legs.
This part was my husband's idea and I loved it.  

I think that it turned out really great!
Now I'm watching out in the Thriftosphere (there's that awesome word again!)
For a cool desk lamp 
And I have a couple of ideas, thanks to fellow bloggers
for organizational tools for his desk.

I will definitely post pics when I get some of that stuff done!


Lisa Gullion said...

That is an awesome find!! and beautiful redo! how does Tristan like it?

Kenz @ Interiors by Kenz said...

I love it. It turned out great. And I really love the shape of that desk. It's great! Good job! And I love "Thriftosphere" :)

Rachel Dougherty said...

I love this desk! Great work! Awesome that it was a family project. I love that you're dad found it :)

Chymecindy** said...

Wow thats awesome. It looks so pretty Fazer. Great job!

Chymecindy** said...

After... Sorry

Ellen Stedman said...

Love it! As usual, you rocked the heck outta the Thriftosphere!

ifs ands Butts said...

Love the color choice! What a difference that makes - looks fantastic!


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