Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mixing it Up a Little

I'm trying to keep it together today

I got on the scale this morning and it's fair to say it hurt my feelings a little bit.  

I gained!  don't ask me how.  It makes no sense at all.  


Trying to lose weight is freakin' Exhausting!


Anywho.  My husband and I have been trying new things in the way of work outs and training for the tough mudder.  We want to be very versatile and strong for it.  Plus I have always heard it is good for weight loss and calorie-burning to mix up your exercises to confuse your muscles.  

Last week we went to Mistletoe state park for a hike.  
It was awesome!

The trail we took was called rock dam and it was 6.25 miles (it's the blue trail and you have to take part of the white trail to get to it from the nature center where we park).  it took us three hours to complete.  We were able to leave the kids with my Dad and Linda and we took Maggie along with us.  It was so nice and fun.  Plus the weather was great that day.  

The Rock Dam trail was really neat.  The map told us there would be 4 stream crossings, but it turned out that because it has been so dry we didn't have to worry about getting our toesies wet because the water level was basically non-existent.  We did however learn our lesson from our last hike in a park and brought deep woods off!  So we avoided the rouble of feeling itchy and having to pick ticks off of each other all night!  yay!

Maggie did really well on the trail too, you could tell she was really enjoying the exercise


So then on Sunday my husband and I mixed it up again.

We have this semi steep hill that we HATE running up, so my husband thought it would be a good training exercise to take a light jog for the half mile to the hill and then walk down, sprint up, walk down sprint up.  

We did it three or four times.  I'm not sure really because after the second time i felt like puking.  I have NEVER had that happen to me before!  and let me tell you it was AWFUL!

So then after we made it to the top the last time we walked about a hundred yards and jogged the rest of the way home. 

I wanted to DIE!  i felt so awful!

It took me like a full 30 minutes after we got to the house to not feel like i couldn't move, because I would ralph.

But after I recovered from it I could see the merit in the exercise, even if it sucked in the meantime.  I wouldn't say I look forward to doing it again, but I look forward to getting better at it!  

My next aspiration is climbing a mountain!  now, mind you, we live in Georgia, there aren't any crazy mountains here.  But I was thinking either Stone Mountain 

{it's so pretty there in the fall!}

As far as my gain this week is concerned, I have to remind myself it's a process.
Part of the problem too has been that I have been ravenous because of the increase in exercise.  I need to cool it a little.  

Hopefully I will have something better to report next week.

Until then, Thanks for reading!

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Athena @ Lifes Abundant Adventures said...

I hate weeks like that (on the scale anyways) It can be pretty deflating. Hang in there! It will happen if you're consistent :)


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