Monday, July 1, 2013

Back-and-Forth and Back-Talk

You may remember from this post that my husband got a new job.

Just as an update, he really loves it.  There is a bit of a learning curve, just because they are WAY more together than his last job and they do a lot of things differently, but it has been a very enjoyable challenge so far.  Plus the schedule there is amazing!  
3 day weekend EVERY OTHER WEEKEND!  
"Ya can't beat that with a stick" as we say down south.

Anyway, with the job being an hour and a half away he has been going there and staying while he is working, and then he drives home and stays here on his off days.
Then he turns around and goes back
This is all just temporary until we find our home there.
But Lord knows we are all having some growing pains.  

For instance, Tristan, our 8 year-old is feeling a little big for his britches here lately.
You know how kids get, doing there little bouts of "flexing" as my mom called it.  
But with that and with Daddy being out of the house half the week, it got a little too far and he ran off the mouth at me. 

Let me say, I am a no non-sense mom.  
My kids know manners, and use them. 
They are mostly well-behaved. 
I get compliments on their good behavior regularly and I plan to keep it that way.

He was punished by me first, 
I gave him a good tongue-lashing and had him do the torturous task of cleaning his pig-sty of a room
You would have thought this was the death sentence by the way he acted.
later that evening I talked to Daddy on the phone at which point Tristan was told he was to stay in his room until he finished writing me an apology letter that was 1 full page, single spaced on lined paper. 
At which point, upon completion, he would no longer be grounded.

.....It took him 3 1/2 days to do this task. 
Sometimes, I just just...ugh... I just don't understand him.  
If I had been given this task as a child, I would have banged out that letter in minutes so as not to be grounded anymore.
But nope.
Not him.  
Don't let him fool you.  What hides under this adorable and angelic exterior is a little rage machine

When he finally completed it he was to read it aloud to all of us.
I won't lie to you... It was so hard not to laugh at this letter
(don't worry, a photo is posted below, along with a transcription by me, in case you can't read some of it)
My husband kept having to turn around so Tristan wouldn't see him smirking.

You may be thinking, "well, jeez. that's kinda mean"
and to that I say, phooey.  and no offense.  it's just that sometimes, parenting is hilarious. 
kids are hilarious.
even when they are being turds, they are freakin' hilarious.
It's the nature of the beast.

{The "beast" being parenting} 

Here's the Letter:

Here's the transcription:
Mom, I am sorry for talking back.  I should've said "yes ma'am".  I am sorry for not doing what you said.  I am sorry for yelling at you.  I am sorry for not listening to you.  If I do this again I will get in more trouble.  That is why I should never do this again.  I will never yell or scream at mom and dad.  I will never disobey mom and dad.  I am writing this letter for a reason, because I yelled at mom and being disrespectful.  I'll never be mean to mom ever again.  I'll never be disrespectful  to mom, I'll be nice to mom.  I'll never talk back.  If I don't do these bad things I will not get in trouble and I won't get grounded.  


So, that's just a little taste of the goings-on here on the home front.

Do you have a creative punishment story to tell?
Do you have a hilarious parenting moment to share?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE share it in the comments below!  
I love hearing about other people's parenting moments.
(good or bad)
especially when they make me giggle.

And really, if we aren't laughing at ourselves,
what on earth is the point!? 

Much love my darlings!


Bethany Kline said...

Oh my goodness. This post. :) Parenting sounds SO hard sometimes. I get so nervous. But I feel like you handled it really well, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading his letter to you. I hope you are able to find a home soon and be together as a family. I can't imagine how difficult it is to be apart! You are a warrior!

Bethany Kline said...

eh, it definitely has it's moments, that's for sure! Don't be nervous! Y'all are going to be positively lovely parents, I'm sure of it! I hope we can find a place altogether here soon too. Elliott just left for 5 days straight. nothing we haven't done before, but dang it still sucks. Thanks Love! You always make me feel like a super hero with these comments! You should be my life coach!! lol

Bethany Kline said...

Is that a pic of you? if so you look like the girl brittany i think it is. from glee.

Bethany Kline said...

I can completely relate to this! lol :)


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