Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bunny is Ready to Hunt!

My husband likes to deer hunt, and in the particular county we live 
(which as you may already know is VERY "podunk")
Deer season is super long 
(like from the beginning of september to mid january!)
because the white tails over here mate like rabbits!
(meaning there are tons!)
The limit is typically 11 does and 2 bucks....
per hunter....

it looks like
Bunny is ready for deer season!  
Her Daddy is so proud!

 Of course, she won't be getting any trophies with that  gun but ya know, Whatever.  :)

I picked up these little overalls for here at the local thrift store in the spring, 
I'm so thankful they fir perfectly!  
I never know with her because she's growing so fast!!

Any of you have hunters in the family that are stoked for this lovely time of year??


LG Designs said...

kai has those same got mine a thrift shop too...not sure if the still fit though

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

I grew up in a super rural town and EVERYONE hunted. I don't really know anyone who hunts in our more northern city but still hear stories from my mom about hunting season starting up.
Your little girl is too cute! Love the overalls.

Bethany Kline said...

I was thinking I would crochet some flowers to pin to them to "girl them up" a little. Whatcha think??

Bethany Kline said...

hahaha, yeah I love deer season around here! It's awesome to go grocery shopping virtually any time of day and see tons of folks in their camo! It's a big deal in these small towns!

Thank you! She's a little firecracker for sure! her daddy is in big trouble! ;)

Follow? <3

Marie said...

Like I said from a previous post, I am in Loganville....Walton County. I take it you are either further south or east? I know people that go hunting out towards Augusta...good hour and half to two hours away. Happy Hunting season!


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