Monday, September 3, 2012

Lovely Roses for My Kitchen Table

I went grocery shopping the other day and since we live in such a rural area there are always great deals that no one has snatched up yet

This was one of those deals, 
I haven't had fresh flowers in forever 
and these were only $4 for a dozen so I had to get them!

These are my favorite color roses

 They are pink at the tips and yellow-ish orange underneath

 So they end up looking kind of salmon colored

Bunny-girl havin' a sniff

I can only describe these roses as "Meaty"  they have so many petals and are so big and thick!


 See how pretty underneath?

De-saturated this pic a bit.  

 I also love this diamond shaped vase/jar too

I may have to make a regular practice of buying flowers for my kitchen table.  
They brighten up the room so nicely and make me smile.  

1 comment:

Clarice said...

What beautiful flowers! I love roses!
I found you through Simple as that Sunday Link up <3


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