Saturday, September 29, 2012

Hoofbeat Plantation

So, on Tuesday we went to the park for a relaxing afternoon and a picnic

On the way home from that park there is a really cool WMA
(wildlife management area)
it's a deer farm consisting of red and fallow deer

it is VERY cool!

we got to see a bunch from the road 
and as many of you hunting savvy folks might know the rut is on!!
we got to see the bucks chasing does around and calling to one another, it was so cool!

Here are some pics I took from the truck:

This guy was staring straight at us.  

Very handsome buck

They started this farm in 1997 and currently have over 1000 deer!

It was really surprising how spooked they WEREN'T by us

on the hunt for some ladies

And here he is hollerin' for 'em
Their calls sound so cool and LOUD!!

more calling....

some of the ladies

this fence at least 10 feet tall, maybe more

Have you ever seen a deer jump a fence??

I was really wishing I had a zoom lens, :(  

This is a really quiet country road and we were able to stop in the middle of the road to take these pictures

We were already stoked to see the few we were seeing 
and then we found the "watering hole" and saw TONS all together

it was such a beautiful day and as you can see from the gold tinge on everything, the sun was preparing to set

I love deer, they are fascinating
just so majestic and beautiful

The does were a lot more suspicious of us than the bucks.
but you know, those bucks only had one thing on their minds....

So Pretty

On their website you can buy Antlers and deer skulls (among other things) 
which is really cool

these would be awesome in a man cave!

The prices are a little bit steep, but i may get some at some point anyway, because where else can you get such big antlers in Southern Georgia??
(we have tons of deer down her, but ours don't get as big as some do in other parts of the country)

Click here if you would like to know what you can do to support this farm


LG Designs said...

for a moment I thought this post was leading to xxx deer I have never seen a deer park that is cool.

Bethany Kline said...

hahahahaha, WOAH WOAH WOAH! Not happenin lady! You'll have to find your triple-x deer action elsewhere!! ;)


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