Monday, September 17, 2012

Vintage Chalk Message Board

I bought this old message board at a local thrift store for a bank-breaking $0.50!

It was pretty cool anyway, but definitely needed a little help.
The chalk board portion was really suffering and the cork part was even worse.

So i taped off around the chalkboard portion and spray painted it with Chalkboard 

 After that was allowed to get good and dry and set I then taped off that entire section so that i could paint the rest

This is what happens when the cat finds your painter's tape, just so you know.... ugh

here it is after the first coat.
Can't go wrong with trusty ol' PINK!

Now that it has dried I needed to work on the cork board portion

I got a piece of paper and made a template for the open space and cut a piece of cork board to size and glued it into place with the ever-so-awesome "Tacky Glue"
(I'm convinced this stuff could glue a brick to a wall)

 Okidoke!  Looking good, but not quite done yet....

Let's add some labels to the letter holding "pockets"

I made some tacks using glass vase fillers and vintage buttons to match the message board
Here they are drying on an old book cover I stabbed them through

and pinned after drying....

 And finally, the Finished product!  
(ignore the "Almost done" still written there, it's fully done!)

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LG Designs said...

Always wanted to make one of these... but I want it to be huge!! and teal!

Amy - while wearing heels said...

How adorable. I love how that turned out. And, I am still giggle that your cat used your painters tape :)

Bethany Kline said...

my mom has a whole wall in her kitchen in chalkboard, i love it!@ plus they make chalkboard markers now! did you know that?? no more chalk dust everywhere! Also, if i had to do this project over again i probably would've chosen teal! ;)

Bethany Kline said...

yeah, he can be a real turd, lol!

Ivy and Elephants said...

OMG....I totally remember having one of those growing up. It really came out awesome. This is such a creative post. I would love it if you would share this post at our WIW linky party. Hope you can join us. :-)

Paula, your newest follower.

Andrea said...

LOVE it so much!!
Vintage love, spray paint love , red one, all in one!!!
THANKS for sharing!

Bethany Kline said...

thank you! I came oover and shared a BUNCH of things! I love your blog btw and i am now YOUR newest follower!!

<3 B

Bethany Kline said...

Well thank YOU for coming by the see it and taking the time to comment! It means a lot!! :)

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Great job! Thanks for joining Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

Bethany Kline said...

thanks! My pleasure!

Bethany Kline said...

Wow this is nice! I actually bookmarked your post. I think I'm going to make one soon! This will be very useful for me.


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