Thursday, September 20, 2012

Croc Blanket Progress & a Small Project on the Side

Hello Lovelies!

For anyone Interested in my progress on my Croc Stitch Blanket
Here is a slightly up-to-date photo of where I am on it.

(nevermind the poor lighting and weird coloring in this photo, I took it from my phone inside @ night.  
So obviously, the worst possible conditions)
It's to the point now where it makes me hot to work on it
(get your mind out of the gutter!)
This thing is getting so big and heavy!  
When i lay it on my lap to work on it i'm completely covered and I get to sweating!

The temp is dropping here in Georgia, but not a whole lot.
It's still mid to high 80's in the afternoons
I can't wait for the colder weather
Then maybe working on this monstrous task of a blanket will be a little more bearable!

So when I want to feel like I have accomplished something without hauling around that beast
I work on these:
(sitting in the car at Tristan's soccer practice is as good a place as any, right??)

I'm thinking I'll make my mom a scarf like the one I made myself 
Only, I'm gonna make the skulls Ivory (something I wish i had done on mine) 
and the outline red. 
I think it will look great and I'm sure she'll love it!  

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