Friday, September 7, 2012

Me and Maggie at the Bus Stop

This is our dog "Magma"
(we call her Maggie)

She is an Irish Wolfhound and believe it or not, she will get bigger than this.
She's only 7 and a half months old and is larger than the average "large" dog

Everyday she rides with me down to the bus stop 
(at the end of our LONG driveway)
And we wait together for Tristan to get off the bus

She Loves riding in the car

...She also has no sense of personal boundaries.....

Big smiles despite the pressing heat and humidity of the Peach State
(just ignore the lack of make-up and crazy hair,
I've spent the ENTIRE day studying so I can play with the hubs this weekend as much as possible!)

She's so sweet!  

You can see here  (scroll to the bottom) how far she has come in size since we brought her home in March

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