Sunday, October 14, 2012

Awesome Coca-Cola Pitcher

Ok, So, When my husband and I first got married I wanted a pink kitchen.
I was so excited at the idea of having my own kitchen
..... now, about 6 years later, I am so over the pink.
I still like pink... I'm just kinda... over it.
So little by little i'm trying to ditch some of the old pink stuff and get more of a grown up look working in my kitchen.

Here's one example
 This old pitcher really is great, and has done it's job of holding larger utensils so well for so long.
But sorry ol' gal
It's time to hit the road.  
I found an awesome replacement at a yard sale last week!


Those of y'all who don't know should be informed:  
I am a Southern Girl.
We Live in Georgia.
We drink Coke.
This is the home of coke!
When I was a kid we took field trips to the world of coke
(the best part was when you got to sample different sodas from all over the world)

I loved this thing the moment I saw it.  
So awesome! 

So here it is, movin' on up
Imagine how much more awesome it will look when I get rid of the pink stuff inside it!  

Close up of the Awesomeness that is this thrift score

The best part about this little treat is that I got it from an adorable old couple for $4!  

The color is perfect and it does it's new job well! 


Lisa Gullion said...

so F-ing jealous!! I am in love with mason jars but the cola pitcher tops the friggin charts!! I had some awesome finds today too!

Bethany Kline said...

thank you! I fell in love when I saw it! too freakin cool! I checked out your finds, so awesome! you scored big today! I still have like 4 yards sales worth of thrift scores to post! lol

Vel Criste said...

i have the same pitcher but I use it for "The real thing" ! It is truly a great find worth sharing - linking back from Homework


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