Friday, October 5, 2012

Stocking Up

There are few things I love more than stocking up on clothes for my kids 
before they need them!
When I was pregnant with Grace I hit the thrift stores like a fiend 
picking up anything and everything insanely adorable that I could find
I am just now running out of clothes for her! 
(she's about to turn 3 but wears 4T most of the time)

So I'm thrifting hard again lately
Here are some recent finds that came no where close to breaking my bank: 

Found this awesome winter snowman pattern DOWN comforter throw for Tristan.  
He's getting that for his B-Day in November
(Shhhhh!  Keep it between us....)
Plus a couple of cool T-shirts, he looks great in blues

I found Bunny (aka Grace) a few cute little things including these lounge pants a cute little green top, a flannel dress (now i just need to find a cute little belt to go with) and an awesome cookie monster shirt

I found myself this awesome 1/4 length sleeved shirt that looks great on and this really cute blue-grey dress 
This dress has so many possibilities!  
Please feel free give me some suggestions in the comments section if you have any ideas for how to glam it up!

And here are a few tank-tops.  I love the ombre pink one but I'm a afraid i'm too old for that style/look anymore, so I was thinking i might could take it in an turn it into a dress for Bunny!  
Cute huh??  
I love the green top too, but i may do the same thing and turn it into a little dress
Also that burnt sienna (that's right folks, I'm breaking out my crayola crayon color knowledge!) tank looks great on and is so soft!
And drum roll..... All this for only $20!  
Thrift Score!

Don't forget to leave suggestions for the dress! 
I welcome your creative ideas! 

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