Saturday, October 13, 2012


Yes Ladies and Gents
It's that time again
Time for some more high speed ballistic art!

For more detailed  info on what exactly we are doing here go to our first HSBA post here!

We've altered our "target recipe" to the best it's ever been
(about 3 packets jell-o to 1 jug)
And we changed the way we set up our target too.  
We are using fishing wire to hang the jugs from a metal planter so there is less to distract from the excitement and it also allows more freedom for jell-o flight path!

Anyway, we actually did one with this same set up 
(with slightly thicker jello, 4 packets in 1 jug)
a couple weeks ago, but of course, my camera's battery was dead.
And it figures that time was so freaking cool and would have made for some amazing stills.
It was very close to being dangerous though, not for my safety but for my camera!  
The mixture was so thick that it was flying in huge clumps everywhere and one landed barely a couple inches low enough to miss my nice expensive camera!
dodged a bullet there for sure!

We shot 3 different jugs this day. 
I'll have to ask my husband what he ranged it out to
So, I'll update that later

Here is Take 1:

 It's like the jug flung itself right off of the hook.... bye bye jug!

It's like red snow!  

And here is the aftermath.  This jug is just plain shredded! 

Here is Take 2
everything the same, except this time i added one more go around with the fishing wire.... let's see the difference it makes...

Holy Smokes!
You see that Ribbon of Jello?!  How freaking cool! 

because the jug stayed put this time, basically all of the energy went straight to the Jello.  the jug just flung it out!
 You can really see how thick this stuff is in these shots

 Got some really good range on this take.  
and again, the after math is extensive

And finally Take 3:
A little back-story here:  My dad and step mom run a hot dog cart and gave us this empty Relish jar to shoot for our HSBA.  My dad loves our "art" lol.  anywho, we wanted to lay it on it's side and hoped that by shooting the bottom of the jug, that the pressure would basically shoot the lid off and make a really cool pattern.  
Well, this didn't work out quite as planned,  between a hot bore, juggling his walkie-talkie and trying to shoot all at once he missed the middle of the jug by Just  enough to where we weren't able to get the desired effect.

It's still pretty cool looking, but nowhere near as dynamic as we were hoping for. 
 we were pretty bummed.  
 Floating Jug!

 Big mess in the yard, but you better believe the moths and butterflies and just bugs in general were happy to see this!

Looks kinda icky

So here is where we got to stool, and even though we were bummed it didn't work out just right, it is still really impressive to see what this Barnes Vor-tx .308 round could do to this stool! 
Small entry and massive destruction

This is always such a fun activity for us to do together!  
I am hoping to maybe work out some kind of Halloween/Fall special HSBA sometime this week.  so stay tuned for that.  it will be awesome if I can work it out logistically.

Thank you all as usual for dropping by and if you have any questions or comments please just drop those babies in the comments section!


Barb said...

Hi Bethany,

I forwarded this post (and the first HSBA post) to my husband at work. I think he'll want to come down and play - this is his kind of fun! Awesome photos!


Bethany Kline said...

hahah it really is a blast! no pun intended! we are planning a special halloween themed shoot, so stay tuned for that! ;)

<3 Bethany

Kiana Bates said...

That's so awesome! I really wanna try that now :)


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