Thursday, October 18, 2012

Visiting with Honey

My Grandmother is better than any other.
And I'm sorry...but that's just the truth.

She is super fantastic!  
I have never met someone so strong and faithful in my life, and I probably won't ever again.

I have always felt really close to my grandmother, 
She's is one of those people you just want to be near and listen to intently. 
and thusly she has tons of friends that consider her their family.  

A few years ago she was diagnosed with colon cancer, 
But somehow, just like every other illness she has been through no matter her age she has pulled through it beautifully.  A Miracle from God to say the least.

I showed her how I can make it so we can look at ourselves while we take a picture.  
She thought that was pretty cool.  
But of course we are both looking at ourselves and not the lens, lol
(also, please ignore my non-made-up face)

We love her so much that we named our daughter after her, Grace, just like we have agreed we would since we first started dating nearly 11 years ago.  

She loves Tristan.  
(He's the one who gave her the name Honey, and she loves that.  my kids are the only ones who call her that. )
I mean she loves all her grand and great grand children of course, 
but she really makes him feel special when we see her.  
Here they are working on a word search together.

My grandmother lives in a nursing home right now, but that doesn't really seem to phase her.  
She is sharp as a whip still and just gets to spend lots of time reading her bible and doing puzzles.
She told me she used to go to BINGO but then she stopped because it took way too long because half the old folks can't hear! lol  

This is the Grandmother that gave me all her old craft supplies and fabrics because she couldn't use them anymore.  so i literally have tons and tons of pieces of her here with me all the time. 

Last year, we threw a huge party for her 90th birthday, 
and at the time she wasn't doing all that well and so we wanted to have this huge party for her.
So many people came to see her and have pictures with her that there was basically standing-room-only for the whole party at my Cousin's fairly large house.  

So here we are with her last year on her Birthday
 My husband couldn't make it because of work which we were all bummed about.
My Grandmother REALLY loves my husband too.  He was in the Navy (but stationed with the Marines, in other words, he never even saw a boat, lol) and so was my Grandfather, so my grandmother holds a special place in her heart for Elliott.  plus she really appreciates the role of a good strong male figure, and he is definitely that. 

I am so happy We all got to go and see her on tuesday and had a wonderful time.  
She truly is my greatest inspiration.  
If I could be half as sweet,
half as knowledgeable about God and 
half as strong as she is when I get to be her age, 
I will have succeeded at life.

I love "Honey"


Lisa Gullion said...

My Grandmother is the same way. just soooo sweet and loving!! God bless them.

Amy - while wearing heels said...

What a beautiful post about a woman who is obviously very special. I am so glad that your children are able to create their own very special memories with her as well. And, how sweet that your son came up with her nickname and that it seems to fitting. I am sure your grandma is very proud of you.

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Aw, this is a really sweet post. Your grandma is lovely and your kids are adorable!! Loved the bingo story! Thanks for visiting my blog.

Bethany Kline said...

grandmothers are special people!

Bethany Kline said...

thank you! it was really funny how he came up with her name, we took her grocery shopping (when Tristan was about) because she doesn't drive (never has) and she kept saying honey to him and then he started saying "honey, you need that! honey you need that!" about things at the store, lol! we looked at each other and she said, "is that me?" and i said I guess so! and so it stuck after that! I too am so incredibly happy that my children get to know her!
<3 Bethany

Bethany Kline said...

thank you! yeah that bingo story really killed me too! lol

no problem!

<3 Bethany


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