Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cuttlefish from CuddleFishFarm

Like I said in my last post, I am nuts over any kind of cephalopods.... but my most favorite of all are cuttlefish... they are amazing and super smart and beautiful
ya know... in a slimy kinda way
a common pattern for cuttlefish to show is a zebra stripes, however they are capable of MANY designs 

Cuttlefish also have really cool eyes.  Their pupils are shaped like "W"s

To learn more about Cuttlefish (which you absolutely should!) go HERE!

As a Tribute to my absolute love for these little buggers
I decided to make my own. 

Here are some pics of my first attempt at recreating my most favorite Ceph
I don't LOVE these, but it was a first try:

 Each one has 3 hearts, because they do in real life.  isn't that amazing?  They need three hearts to maintain their skin and color changes, regulatory process and nervous system.  And you thought God made US super complicated!

 Each of them has a different type of fringe material to represent the fins on their sides that they use to get around and hover in the water.

 Yellow isn't always my favorite color, but I do love it with Zebra

 I'm a nut for ball fringe too!  

I hope you enjoyed! 


LG Designs said...

I am in love with these... but I don't see them in your shop!! you should make minnies... like fit in your palm!

Bethany Kline said...

the mini's thing is a cute idea! maybe I'll try that out! I made this pattern myself btw! I never put them in my shop, I dont know why, I just didn't! maybe i ought to now! <3

LG Designs said...

well yeah!! That are amazing!


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