Thursday, August 9, 2012

Furniture Revamp Challenge -- Part 3 (Progress)

Ok, So, here we go.  I've got my furniture unwrapped and in the house, I had to investigate all the pieces and get them cleaned up.  There was some grime and gunk, but hardly any scratches, or real damage.  I got so lucky with this furniture!  
It's time to get to work!  

Looking hideous as ever, so let's begin...

Here is a close up of one of the side table drawers after removing the handle.  Needless to say I did a lot of CLEANING and SANDING!
 The handles are actually really great structurally and pretty...if you can see past the really crummy looking paint job/finish... which I couldn't, so these suckers are getting a little cosmetic surgery
 Here's a nice clear view of the front of a side table.  ugly ugly ugly colors!  like ewww! 

 Look at those legs though!!  Aren't they gorgeously shaped?! I'm stoked!
 uhoh... someone is hiding...
 Surprise!!  It's Claymore!  He's my little sweetie baby, and can't resist a good hiding spot. I had the hardest time getting him out of here
 all the drawers are off and I have begun sanding and wiping down.  I used a light grit sand paper and just wiped them down with a damp washcloth afterward.
 The fronts of the dresser drawers
 Ok, the final piece has been sanded and wiped, now it's time for the fun part.

Now, Here are the lamps I chose from what Linda offered me.  I deliberately picked these 2 that don't match because I thought it would be fun and cool for them to be a little different.  It just gives the room more of a DIY feel.
 I taped them off so the cord and hardware wouldn't end up blue too. 
The taller one on the right is for my side of the bed. : ) 

I started with the Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint on the handles.  I just love this, it looks fancy but has a  REALLY cheap price tag!  

Side Table drawers after a coat of Silver spray paint, this stuff covered AMAZINGLY!  I really didn't even need a second coat but I went ahead and did it anyway just to be thorough.  I love the way to silver really glistens on the curves.
 Fronts and backs
 See!  This is what I was most excited about! See how shiny it shows up on the curvy legs!  gorgeous!
 Alright!  That looks about good FRIGGIN' AWESOME!  Now it's time to let them dry and then put it all back together.

I don't have progress pics of the dresser being painted so that will be a SURPRISE!  

And I'm really face-palming myself over here about how I didn't get any progress pics of the headboard either.  That's the part I'm most proud of! : (  
Oh Well....

Stay Tuned for The Final Reveal!

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LG Designs said...

so freaggin jealous... one day you are going to help me do a craft room .... when I have a

Bethany Kline said...

Aw, thanks! I loved doing all of this! You know I will totally do it too!! My girlfriend Danielle just bought a new house and is already recruiting me to do some stuff for her! :)


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