Saturday, August 18, 2012

Mr. Darcey

Last year some friends of ours found an orphaned little baby white tail buck.  He was completely helpless and super tiny and would've died out on his own, so they brought him home and took care of him.  
They bottle fed him and got him nice and heathly and when he got to be a little more independent they found a nice deer farm and carried him over there to live.  

They named him "Mr. Darcey" and he was the cutest thing I ever saw 
(apart from my babies of course)

Here is my husband giving him a little chest rub.  you can tell he's eating it up

 Here he is with his buddy Hershey (their dog)

 he scratches just like a dog

getting ready to take off.  I wish I had video of him tearing a$$ across their yard, he was like lightning!  so fast!  and soooo funny to watch!

  these little ears were so thick and soft like velvet

 he acted so much like a little dog it was hilarious.  Hershey must've really rubbed off on him

 trying to catch sounds in those big ol' ears

 What is it Darcey?!

 nothin'... just an itch

 what a handsome little guy

  His spots were so vivid and bright

Where I grew up in Georgia we had a place that was not too far away called the 

I used to LOVE going there because all the animals were so tame that they would walk right up to you and let you pet them.  But the fawns wouldn't get too close, so spending time with Darcey was so cool!  

I'm sure he's looking pretty handsome this year, still a little too young to get with the ladies, but still, I'm sure he's huge now compared to these pics! 


cheri1212 said...

Thank you for posting this! Jamie & I really enjoyed it. Brought tears to my eyes. Wish I could see him again...hope he is tearing up some trees right now. Miss you, girlfriend! We gotta get together soon!

Bethany Kline said...

awww no problem! he was such a sweetie! he was so freakin funny, I just remember him tearing across the yard like he was racing somebody! I miss yall too! we DO need to get together! <3


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