Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cemetery in Gough, GA

For my birthday 2 years ago my husband took me shopping for a digital SLR camera.  I had been BEGGING for the longest time, but those suckers are pretty pricey!  So anyway, I got the Nikon D3100 and I freakin love it!  Now I'm begging him for new lenses  ;-)  

I love taking pictures, I always have, and if you could see all the picture folders on my computer you would see that I'm never IN a photo because I'm always TAKING them... that part is kind of a bummer... oh well

The place where I live is extraordinarily rural, like we have a HUGE county and only 16k-ish people living here.  Most of our county is just farmland, and we don't even have a Walmart.... that's right people, I've got to drive 30 miles (COUNT'EM!) to get to my "local" Walmart!

I know, It's freakin' nuts.

Anywho, I try to always have my camera with me when I go places because you never know when you might find something worth snapping a few shots of.  (preposition at the end of the sentence, what a no-no!)

So on my long drive to Walmart there is this very small cemetery off the road about 50 yards in the middle of a planted field.  I have always wanted to stop, and finally one day I did.  

So here are some pics (which believe it or not I did NOT doctor!) from the tiny little cemetery in Gough, GA.

The detail on this thing was amazing.

This monument was erected in 1918...

I love this rusty old gate

apparently there was another big monument like the one in the other pics but it broke I suppose, I found it under a big tree just outside of the fence

One of the Gough's the town was named after

Her birthday is the day before mine, obviously several decades apart

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LG Designs said...

once again I love taking photos!! I have a sony cyber shot that I want new lenses for.


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