Tuesday, August 21, 2012

On the Corner of Zebina & Campground

Out here where we live in the country there is no garbage pick up.  You fill the can til you can fill in no more, then you load in your truck and haul it off to the dumpsters....

It's smelly and inconvenient...

However, the dumpsters that I take my garbage to have this really neat very old brick building just in front of them and I have always wanted to take pictures of it.  

So last week when I was finishing up dumping the trash I realized I had my camera 
(in it's awesome little choochoo bag) 

 in the passenger seat and I was alone and had the time
So I went for it.

this is a big ol' machine.  just for scale the ceiling in this building is in the neighborhood of 12 feet tall!

i love these colors together
These vines look so desperate to climb this wall

Love this very old and faded Coke mural
This is my favorite part.  The front of the building has a really cool, albeit falling apart, old door and the windows all around it have bar on them, like jail cell type bars.  The vines are just grasping to them desperately
The brick work really is awesome. 
 I don't know how long this building has been out of use, but I think it's safe to say, it's been a LONG time.  

there are at least 3 or 4 different climbing plants on just this one window

washed out.  this reminds me of "The Secret Garden"  remember that movie?

This dog came over from across the street to say hey, Hello Dowg!  (that's how my daughter says dog, lol)

 little dude checkin out my ride
 I love this decrepit old barn. I pass by it on the way to the dumpsters

 I love this shot of the Road on the way home.
So anyway.  There is so much beauty out here, to be found in some of the oddest places... like in this case the dumpsters where I haul my garbage off.  

Who knew?

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