Saturday, August 18, 2012

Georgia Red Clay

For those of you who have never been to Georgia, we don't have "soil" here... 
We have Georgia Red Clay.  

This stuff is thick and dense and difficult to deal with, horrible in the rain because it's slick like an oil spill... 

But it sure is beautiful!

 There are a bunch of colors all running throughout that work together to make the "red" (but more accurately orange) clay

 After it rains and is really muddy and puddly (is puddly a word??) it will dry and make scales like this and you cant see the grass growing back up in between in places

Here is my 7 year old standing in front of this huge clay "cliff" to show the scale 

 There were some bees (maybe wasps?  or hornets?  either way, I didn't want to get close enough to find out, I just heard lots of buzzing) that had burrowed into the side of this clay wall.  you know what, maybe they were mud dawbers....  whatevs

  This is parallel to the local outdoor gun range.  it's not a business, there's just a guy who owns this property and made a range on it so anyone who wanted to can use it.  Even local law enforcement uses it for qualifying and practice.

 This is one of my favorite shots.  I can't believe the detail and the layers of colors.  

 There's muh car

 You can see where an excavator had been scraping away at this wall at some point. Again, the color faceting is unreal...
 My dad does ammunition reloading so we will often go over there and pick up brass for him to clean up and reload.  

Just another example of finding beauty in the oddest of places....

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Molly said...

The sky is such a vivid shade of blue... beautiful



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