Monday, August 13, 2012

The Takes-Friggin-Forever Blanket for my Bed

Croc Blanket Project

So, You have seen my "new" bedroom set, and obvious, you thought it was awesome 
(I mean, really, how could you not?).

Well, I have just started crocheting this year and I love it!  I was really inspired to do it by my sweet friend Lisa over at LGDesigns  
(she also has an etsy shop you can find here)
She is so talented and makes her own patterns! plus she is just generally awesome

Anyway, I got serious about crocheting and decided I wanted to make a blanket/afghan for my bed to match my awesome new color scheme in my bedroom.  

(these are the first colors I chose, but I decided against the gray and added a lighter blue green color instead)

I searched for a few different patterns and finally I happened upon the "Croc stitch" (tutorial here
Holy Schmow... I was in love!  
I have altered the way I do it from the way the lady who made this tutorial does it and I think my way is easier and it looks the same, so, I may end up making my own tutorial... we shall see...
Little did I know how much work I was gonna be...

 We have a Queen-sized bed so this is gonna take a loooooong time.  Here is the beginning or my afghan. Only 2 rows of croc stitches so far...
 Finally added my first color change 
 Don't let that "doo-doo" face fool you, Claymore loves to cuddle up with me while my stitching my little heart out... 
 there, that's more like it! I love my little boo
 love these colors!  can you spot where I missed a stitch??
Here is my current position on my blanket,  This thing takes tons of yarn to make and I've considered quitting a few times because of exactly that, but then I look at it and how beautiful it is turning out and I instantly change my mind. :)  

I'll keep posting progress pictures as I slowly but surely make some.  With 2 kids, and schoolwork to do I have my hands full to say the least.  so it's gonna be a good while before this thing gets done, but I'm having a blast doing it, and I know it will be TOTALLY worth it once I get done!  

Wanna see my progress?
Click here


LG Designs said...

awww my sweetness :-) It is enlightening to feel I have inspired you through my art... it is so super reciprocated

Jen said...

Wow --- that is a huge looks really fab with the croc stitch!

Bethany Kline said...

it certainly is!
thank you!


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