Saturday, August 25, 2012

In Mimi's Shoes...

In July My husband, Son, Daughter and I went to visit my mom.  
She lives about 2.5 hours away 
the way I drive anyway ;)

My mom has some serious style
and like just about any other average woman, 
she has an intense love for shoes.   
So, there are big beautiful high heels of all shapes and colors 
all over her house at any given time. 

Gracie managed (with little difficulty) to find some.

Isn't it funny and also kind of amazing that ALL little girls do this?  

You could tell she was feeling a little full of herself at this point. 
(hence the goofy-butt face) 

 She actually did a surprisingly awesome job getting around in these...
But we did have to stop her when she tried to climb the stairs.... yikes
 This was like an hour long ordeal with these things, hahaha
 Her Mimi was so proud!  

 She is such a funny girl because she loves the outdoors and playing "guns" with Tristan and getting dirty and all that, but then she loves playing dress up and Barbies and baby dolls. 

My mom found my tub of old Barbies in the attic and bestowed them upon me and Gracie, She was soooooo excited!  She wouldn't put these two down!  But that is another post altogether.  ;)

[And ironically my mother and i were just SQUEALING when we found the container FILLED with all of Barbie's shoes!] 

I think that letting your children be who they are 
is uber important.  

And my kids just so happen to be precious, well-rounded and well-behaved 
(most of the time anyway.  I mean they are kids after all)
We have been truly blessed! 

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