Thursday, August 9, 2012

Furniture Revamp Challenge -- Part 1

In The Beginning There was Ugly Furniture...

My dad and my step mom were cleaning out her father's house (his name was Moz) and trying to empty all that they could so they could sell it and sent me a few pictures of this old Broyhill bedroom set.  The color and design were HIDEOUS but the quality and the lines were quite nice and looked like they would go well with the ideas I had in mind!  

Here are some before pics that my step mom (Linda) texted me: 

 a dresser with a mirror
 two side tables like this one, and a couple of lamps like this too
 Here is the headboard
I love that there is no footboard, My husband and I are too tall for one. (we like to hang our feet off the end of the bed!)  We didn't need the mattress and box springs, just the bed frame and headboard.

So I told her I would gladly take them off her hands ;)  
I told her too that I would pay for them, since they would take up space in their UHAUL, but they just let me have them!  I was so excited!  

So once they got to my house I got to have a better look.  If I thought the finish on them was ugly then  it was worse when i saw them in person!  

 They wrapped them in plastic to protect them for the ride from Florida to Georgia.

Here's a better view of one of the side tables.  

I was so psyched to get started on all of this stuff!  I took the weekend before summer semester started to get it all done, and looking back I have NO idea how i got it all done in one weekend!  

Stay tuned for progress pics!

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