Sunday, August 26, 2012

Elementary, my dear Estate Sale...

There are these two ladies that live in my county who are sisters and they are well-renowned in the area because they do Estate Sales

Most of the houses are very old and have tons of antiques and amazing goodies. 
The prices though are typically VERY high 
But on the plus side they almost always have a "Clearance Day"  where they mark everything down 25% or more!

So 2 weeks ago I went to one of their sales here in town on clearance day and scored!

Here's my little Haul:

The complete works of Sherlock Holmes!  How cool!  This is one of those things I have to read before I die, Definitely!

$6 --> $4.50

I love this mantle sign (that may not be what it is called, but that's where I plan to put it) 

$8 --$6

Here is Grace being ever-so-helpful..... right...

It's bright out here Mama!  Check out that mac and cheese face! lol

Here is a roll of Jute, 900 feet!  originally $12.99 according to the original tag

$10 -- $7.50
I was thinking I could use it to crochet a rug maybe...

And incidentally I was planning this same day to go and shop for a new desk chair because mine was just shot to hell and happened upon this guy at the sale instead!  Nice!  

$28 -- $21
So, All-in All I spent a whopping $39 (!!!)  and scored some nice and quite useful stuff!  If I had gone to the store and gotten a new chair for that cheap!

Total Savings on Clearance Day
$52 -- $39
Thrift SCORE!


LG Designs said...

I love it!! I had on like this but took down the section... I may start this again and a photography section

Marie said...

Just came across your blog from TWO YELLOW BIRDS. Just wanted to shout out. I reacently found another person in the blogs near me. I am from GA too! I am in Loganville....between Atlanta and Athens. Have a happy day!!

Bethany Kline said...

my mom lives in Loganville!! small world!

Marie said...

Definately. Been here all my life. Not sure if that is good or bad, lol. HAve a good one.


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