Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Mighty Hugtopus!

Something you may not know about me:

I am a fiend, an obsessive fan, an avid follower, and an absolute nut for all things CEPHALOPOD!

So because I love to sew and I have so much fabric in my shed that it's just ridiculous
I decided a long while back I was going to make my own cephalopods!  

So I thought that today I would share my "Hugtopi" 
(like Hugtopus, clever, I know, lol)

I love them!  
Here was my first prototype:
(She's mine to keep, wee cuddle on the couch together)

As many of you crafters and creators know, the prototype is more often than not a total bust, 
But still very important to the creative process because it helps you to plan better and make it exactly what you want by being able to make alterations where needed.
I'm not meaning to brag, by any means, but somehow magically this prototype was exactly and perfectly what I wanted it to be... don't ask me know... it was a complete miracle.
Thank You God! 

So these are from just after I finished my Hugtopus assembly line:
This is a slightly different design from my prototype, just in the way I did the hearts and decoration, but logistically otherwise they are the same
Each is made in a different body fabric and I used hot pink and bright green minky on the undersides of the tentacles to immitate suckers!
I made these tags from photographs of my own children holding some Hugtopi in the yard
This is Grace
And this is Tristan
Group Photo!
Better view of their hearts
and their big bulbous bodies
I really love them all
but I think the brown zebra print with yellow and pink together was probably my favorite of all

that's a lot of legs!  48 to be exact
Here are the tag pics by themselves:
I tried to make the kids look a little anonymous just so it was more identifiable and so that people could picture their own kids holding and cuddling and HUGging them. :3

Here are my babes really enjoying them!

4 of these are still for sale in my Etsy Shop, So go and check them out! 

<3 B


LG Designs said...

These are sooooo friggin cute!! I love you Wrist rest cats too!!

Bethany Kline said...

thanks! i love these so much! they are right up there with favorite things i have ever made! like i said i have my own that i cuddle up with on the couch. I just plain love her! she is so cuddly!


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